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NUNA RAVA 2024 Differences Versus 2023

The NUNA RAVA 2024 is very much the same as the 2023 NUNA Rava with a few slight upgrades as well as some new recommended usage details! Additionally, the NUNA RAVA 2024 introduces some cool new fashions that we have all been waiting for!  See below for a full rundown on the differences & similarities between the NUNA Rava 2024 and the current model.  Additionally, NUNA provide a nice graphic outlining the differences between the two RAVA models so we've included that below as well

NUNA RAVA 2024 Differences Versus Current Rava ( 2023 Rava )

  • Forward-facing usage: 30-65 lbs (no change to rear-facing usage). Goal is to advocate that consumers keep children rear-facing as long as possible as it is proven to be better for smaller children
  • Harness adjuster covered for additional comfort for child
  • Recommend calf support is out for rear-facing install for added leg room & comfort for child


What's the same between the RAVA 2024 and current RAVA model?

  • Keeps children comfortably rear-facing from 5 lbs to a whopping 50 lbs
  • Accommodates growth up to 65 lbs when forward-facing
  • Smartly sourced materials contain no fire-retardant chemicals
  • All-steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection
  • FAA-certified to travel everywhere and beyond
  • No-rethread harness makes it easy to adjust for comfort and growth
  • And many more!


What are the NUNA RAVA 2024 fashions ?

So far, the new RAVA 2024 is avaialble in three new fashions, NUNA RAVA 2024 Caviar, NUNA RAVA 2024 Cedar & NUNA RAVA 2024 Thistle.  The other RAVA fashions will transition to the new feature set later this year so stay tuned!