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NUNA relx base compared to NUNA PIPA Series

With the launch of the NUNA relx, customers will now have their choice of bases to pair along side their NUNA PIPA Series car seat as the new relx base by NUNA is compatible with all PIPA Series infant car seats.  Here are some of the questions, we're already getting from our customers:

What's the difference between the NUNA Relx and PIPA Base?

Well, here is a quick chart comparing the NUNA relx and Nuna PIPA Series bases to help you choose the best option for you!

  PIPA Series Base *NEW* Relx Base
Compatibility compatible with all PIPA series infant car seats compatible with all PIPA series infant car seats
Recline Flip-foot used for installation purposes only Four position on-the-go recline
Level Indicator Two bubble levels Bubble-free | recline angle guides clearly confirm the perfect rigid angle ( like Rava and Exec )
Base Size   ---- Low-profile base for easier loading of infant car seat
Belt Path Thread belt under two guides Open belt bath for easier install
Anti-Rebound Panel --- Yes
Rigid Latch Design Yes Improved design configuration allows for install in more vehicles
Rigid Latch Storage Rotates into storage position Automatic storage
Rigid Latch Position Rotates on the axis but sometimes leaves a gap between base and vehicle seat Four-position adjustable LATCH to remove or reduce the gap between seat and base
Load leg design Free flowing two–piece Locking three–piece load leg for improved range—better fit to middle seats
Load leg storage Stores under base Improved load leg storage with lock
Base Bottom --- Enclosed bottom for protection of vehicle seat
Seat belt lock-off Yes Natural belt angles for lap and shoulder belts accommodate more vehicles
Link to Purchase NUNA PIPA Series Base NUNA Relx Base


NUNA Relx Compared to PIPA Series

What's the price of the NUNA Relx Base?

The NUNA relx base will be $199.95 as compared to the PIPA Series Base which is $159.95

Is the NUNA Relx compatible with my existing NUNA PIPA, NUNA PIPA LITE or NUNA PIPA LITE LX infant car seat?

Yes, The RELX base is compatible with all PIPA series infant car seats

When can we buy the NUNA relx base?

The NUNA Relx will be available at all NUNA retailers near you on 4/1!

Where can we purchase the NUNA relx base?

The NUNA relx base will be available at all NUNA retailers, but you can buy the NUNA Relx here!

Will the NUNA Relx Base install in my BMW 3-Series?

The NUNA relx base installs much easier in most cars, especially the elusive BMW 3-Series.  Feel free to contact us with any specific install questions in regars to your situation.