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Summer Infant

Summer Infant Baby Products are dedicated to making bath time, meal time, play time, and every time in between special for you and your baby. Parenthood can be thrilling, exhausting, beautiful, difficult and rewarding – often all at the same time. Summer Infant will help you take it from merely manageable to a bit magical.

  • Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush
    Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush
    Gently care for your baby’s gums and emerging teeth with the Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush  . The dual sided brush fits over an adult finger to clean and massage baby’s gums.
  • Summer Infant Medicine Dispenser Kit
    Summer Infant Medicine Dispenser Kit
    Caring for a sick baby is easier with the Summer Infant Medicine Dispenser Kit . The uniquely designed pacifier syringe features an easy-grip handle and attachable extender tip that fits most medicine bottles. The spoon stands vertically, making it easy to pour and measure the correct dose. All items have clear measurement indicators.