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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Tumblie Pig
    Jellycat Tumblie Pig
    Flopsy, fuzzy and full of curiosity, Tumblie Pig is daydreaming again! This milkshake-pink piglet has a suedey snout, foldy ears and a teeny tail, not to mention a perfect podgy tummy! Sprawled out and resting those soft, chunky trotters, Tumblie Pig is a snuffly sweetie.     Measures 14" x 5"

  • Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog
    Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog
    His sheep are so smart they’ve penned themselves in, so Tumble Sheepdog has nothing to do! Can you think up some funny games to play? This flopsy pup loves to roll on the grass, kicking up his snuggly grey and cream paws. He also likes to bark, but is very well behaved and will sit and stay beautifully!     Measures 14" x 5"

  • Jellycat Vivacious Radish
    Jellycat Vivacious Radish
    More stretchy than crunchy, Vivacious Radish is a most refreshing friend! Perky in pink-white ombre fur, with a plume of stitchy green velour leaves, this affable vegetable pops up to say hello! A kitchen mascot or goofy gift with the happiest smile in the salad drawer!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot is plump and punky in rich royal purple. A bubbly bopper with a three-leaf updo, this colourful cutie brings joy to any countertop. A plant-based pal with an affable smile, this little root's right-on.

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy
    Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy is a sturdy scamp in stretchy fur! Chunky, cheery and huggably hearty, with a mighty crown of stitchy leaves, this veggie has a cool ombre stalk fading from green to cream. Pop this stir-fry silly on the worktop and cook along together!  Measures 7" x 2"  

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf is a veggie dandy with superfood style! Stretchy and soft with a ruched leaf ruffle, squidgy stalk and chipper smile, this elegant leaf is a chef's best friend. Just the pressie for your favourite foodie, and a marvellous kitchen mascot!       Measures 8" x 3"

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Carrot
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Carrot
    Cordy, colourful, cute and kooky, that's Vivacious Vegetable Carrot! Gorgeously textured and squeezably soft, this bright orange buddy has a punky green leaf-do! A veggie with plenty of energy, this smiley carrot knows the best produce parties! Dig that funky sound!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Leek
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Leek
    Vivacious Vegetable Leek comes from Wales, where leeks are the national emblem! This cheery veggie has lots of layers, in velvety dark green, fuzzy lime green, soft minty green and...well, white. A perky pressie for your vegan pal, or a neat way to say diolch yn fawr!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Pea
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Pea
    Enjoy one of your 5-a-day with the Vivacious Vegetable Pea! With a soft green velvety pod and a black stitch detail smile, this veggie will be your new favourite kitchen companion.

  • Jellycat Vividie Chameleon
    Jellycat Vividie Chameleon
    Vividie Chameleon has boggly-brilliant eyes! Outrageously orange and goofy-gorgeous, this rascally reptile is hunting for bugs! With soft bobble spines, a curlaround tail, a scampy smile and haunchy legs, this is one charismatic chameleon!

  • Jellycat Wally Whale Small
    Jellycat Wally Whale Small
    Jellycat Wally Whale Small

  • Jellycat Wally Whale Tiny
    Jellycat Wally Whale Tiny
    Wally Whale Tiny

  • Jellycat Wavelly Whale Blue
    Jellycat Wavelly Whale Blue
    Giving royal blue waves!  

  • Jellycat Wavelly Whale Inky
    Jellycat Wavelly Whale Inky
    Tidally amazing.      

  • Jellycat Wee Fox
    Jellycat Wee Fox
    Squat, silly and so very sassy, Wee Fox has a mighty sense of mischief! Pop a fox on your desk for a quirky workmate, or take them along for a ramble through the forest. Gingery-jolly, with pointy ears, a chunky tail and tickly paws, this snub-nosed cub is delightfully chubby.   Measures 5" x 3"      

  • Jellycat Wee Lamb
    Jellycat Wee Lamb
    Perched on a pillow or dozing on a desk, Wee Lamb is a big help! From cheerleading to chilling, this supersoft pal knows a hug always helps. This tousled tiny has foldy waggle ears, a sweetheart face and a fine chonky tum, with four squat paws and a teeny tail! A gorgeous travel treasure.   Measures 5" x 3"      

  • Jellycat Wee Owl
    Jellycat Wee Owl
    A sweet companion for sleepyheads, Wee Owl is a tumble of cream and grey tussles. Neat and petite, this shy little bird has fine flappy wings and a suedey pebble beak. With teeny tufts, squashy-soft claws and a roundy tum, Wee Owl is dreamy to cuddle.   Measures 5" x 3"      

  • Jellycat Wee Pig
    Jellycat Wee Pig
    Wee Pig is full of courage and will always take care of their friends. A scruffled silly with diddy soft hooves, floppity ears and a round suedey snout, this curly-tailed cutie gives compact cuddles and plenty of snuffles. Pop a piglet in your pocket for snorts of laughter and plenty of farmyard frolics!     Measures 5" x 3"     ...

  • Jellycat Wild Nature Chanterelle Mushroom
    Jellycat Wild Nature Chanterelle Mushroom
    Wild Nature Chanterelle Mushroom brings plenty of cheer in chirpy yellow suede! These fancy fungi have sturdy stalks, scrumptiously cordy mustard frills, and dreamy dark-green fluffy moss. A kooky gift for a forager friend, full of tickly textures!

  • Jellycat Wiley Whale
    Jellycat Wiley Whale
    Talking of magnificent, Wiley Whale is a real sea celebrity! This aqua dandy has chunky cord fur and the fluffiest grey ombre underbelly! With a frill detail mouth and flappy fins, this gentle giant coasts through the ocean!

  • Jellycat Wiley Whale Huge
    Jellycat Wiley Whale Huge
    Talking of magnificent, Wiley Whale is a real sea celebrity! This aqua dandy has chunky cord fur and the fluffiest grey ombre underbelly! With a frill detail mouth and flappy fins, this gentle giant coasts through the ocean! Measures 8" x 31"

  • Jellycat Wilf Wolf
    Jellycat Wilf Wolf
    Wilf Wolf loves wandering in the woods, especially when there's a big full moon! He may have fangs but they're suedey-soft, just like his yummy charcoal tummy! With mocha paws, snub snoot and ears and a beautiful black bobble nose, Wilf is pretty were-wonderful!

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Willow Hedgehog is a snuffly truffle with a praline tummy and waggly legs. Snuggly, not spiky, with velvety spines, a heart-shaped face and a sweet snub nose, this hoglet's just so huggable. Take Willow Hedgehog for twilight wanders, looking for interesting bugs! Measures 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl