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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Swellegant Penelope Poodle
    Jellycat Swellegant Penelope Poodle
    Please welcome Swellegant Penelope Poodle! This mocha sweetie's dressed up to the nines and even her eyes are on point! Her candyfloss hair, wrist cuffs and bootie covers all look divine on her cocoa fur. She's even wearing her sparkly pink collar! Take a

  • Jellycat Swellegant Sophie Sheep Plush
    Jellycat Swellegant Sophie Sheep Plush
    Swellegant Sheep is fabaalous and knows it. With a rich, creamy fleece made of silky-soft fur, long, loping biscuity legs and superlong lashes, this glamour-lamb is looking divine! An elegant diva with waggly ears and mega-sparkly make-up, Swellegant Sheep is serving eleganza.

  • Jellycat Tawny Reindeer
    Jellycat Tawny Reindeer
    Tawny Reindeer    

  • Jellycat Tawny Reindeer Large
    Jellycat Tawny Reindeer Large
    Tawny Reindeer Large    

  • Jellycat Taylor Tiger Little
    Jellycat Taylor Tiger Little
    Taylor Tiger looks ready to pounce! In fact, he's been snoozing in the shade all day. In gorgeous marble-cake colours, with big, fluffy cheek tufts and a truffly nose, this laid-back big cat is rather hefty and super-snuggleworthy, even if it's rather too hot for hunting!   Measures 11" x 3"  

  • Jellycat Teddy Snowman
    Jellycat Teddy Snowman
    Chilly but cheery, Teddy Snowman is looking delightfully dapper. This fluffy cream snowman is looking pretty cool, with cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitch buttons and a playful smile, Teddy is ready to roll.          

  • Jellycat Teddy Snowman Large
    Jellycat Teddy Snowman Large
    Chilly but cheery, Teddy Snowman is looking delightfully dapper. This fluffy cream snowman is looking pretty cool, with cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitch buttons and a playful smile, Teddy is ready to roll.          
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  • Jellycat Theodore Bear
    Jellycat Theodore Bear
    Theodore Bear is a classic cutie with the twirliest fur in scrummy honey tones. Huge soft paws and a cuddly tummy make this timeless teddy a friend for life. Be sure to read him lots of beary tales! Measures 15" H

  • Jellycat Tommy Turtle
    Jellycat Tommy Turtle
    Tommy Turtle is a kooky companion with splendid seaweed-green fur. This tumbly turtle has a soft, textured shell with a mottled pattern and velvety frill, a chunky-soft beak, cordy tum and great big curious eyes! Flap those flippers and head to the beach!

  • Jellycat Tully Turtle
    Jellycat Tully Turtle
    Super-sweet in salad greens, Tully Turtle is a happy little hatchling! With zingy, flappy, squishable flippers and a bobbly mossy shell, this newborn is turtly adorable. Lollop down the beach with tenacious Tully and peek in all the rockpools!   Measures 4" x 10"    

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Fox
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Fox
    A curious cub with scrumptious scruffles, that's tickly Jellycat Tumbletuft Fox ! We love this supersoft rambling rascal's cool ginger fur, fluffy cream muzzle, ears and tail-tip. Wide-eyed and fond of woodland wanders and snuggly mossy slumbers!  Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Kitten
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Kitten
    Shy and snuggly, Jellycat Tumbletuft Kitten has beautiful grey-blue fur. Pawfectly soft with a fluffy cream face, perky fold ears and a candy-pink nose, this peaceful poppet like nothing better than sitting and snoozing in a sunlit spot. Until dinnertime, that is!  Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Koala
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Koala
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Koala loves cookout stories, and listens really well. Not surprising with those big foldy ears, ticklish with cloudy fluff! Adorably tubby, this bluey-grey baby has a chunky black nose and fuzzy muzzle. A perfect treehouse companion!  Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse
    The  Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse is wonderfully tufty, in dove-grey scrumbly fur. This perky-tailed pip has pink petal ears, chonky-soft feet and a tousled tail. Roundy and rumpled with such a sweet face - it's magic to cuddle this marvellous mouse.  Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig
    A snouty-soft sweetie in blossom pink, Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig puts a smile on our faces! This little piggy is parked and podgy, with impossibly snuggly rumpled ears. A quizzical cutie with squish-squash trotters, this babe's as sweet as candy floss. Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Squirrel
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Squirrel
    Joyfully ginger, Tumbletuft Squirrel is a scruffly bundle of cinnamon mischief! This tearaway is beautifully tubby, with eager ears, cheeky face, ice-cream tummy and curlywurly tail! A scamp with a love of leafy treetops and a nose for hidden hazelnuts!

  • Jellycat Tumblie Pig
    Jellycat Tumblie Pig
    Flopsy, fuzzy and full of curiosity, Tumblie Pig is daydreaming again! This milkshake-pink piglet has a suedey snout, foldy ears and a teeny tail, not to mention a perfect podgy tummy! Sprawled out and resting those soft, chunky trotters, Tumblie Pig is a snuffly sweetie.     Measures 14" x 5"

  • Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog
    Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog
    His sheep are so smart they’ve penned themselves in, so Tumble Sheepdog has nothing to do! Can you think up some funny games to play? This flopsy pup loves to roll on the grass, kicking up his snuggly grey and cream paws. He also likes to bark, but is very well behaved and will sit and stay beautifully!     Measures 14" x 5"

  • Jellycat Vivacious Radish
    Jellycat Vivacious Radish
    More stretchy than crunchy, Vivacious Radish is a most refreshing friend! Perky in pink-white ombre fur, with a plume of stitchy green velour leaves, this affable vegetable pops up to say hello! A kitchen mascot or goofy gift with the happiest smile in the salad drawer!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot is plump and punky in rich royal purple. A bubbly bopper with a three-leaf updo, this colourful cutie brings joy to any countertop. A plant-based pal with an affable smile, this little root's right-on.

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy
    Vivacious Vegetable Bok Choy is a sturdy scamp in stretchy fur! Chunky, cheery and huggably hearty, with a mighty crown of stitchy leaves, this veggie has a cool ombre stalk fading from green to cream. Pop this stir-fry silly on the worktop and cook along together!  Measures 7" x 2"  

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf is a veggie dandy with superfood style! Stretchy and soft with a ruched leaf ruffle, squidgy stalk and chipper smile, this elegant leaf is a chef's best friend. Just the pressie for your favourite foodie, and a marvellous kitchen mascot!       Measures 8" x 3"

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Mushroom
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Mushroom
    Wander through the woods and wave hello to Vivacious Vegetable Mushroom! This bobbly buddy is stretchy-soft with a chunky chocolate cap and squat vanilla stem! Our merry mushroom loves chilling in the shade beneath the trees, chatting to the bugs and birds that stop by. Measures 3"H x 3"W

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
    Every day is Halloween with Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin! Roly-poly and splendidly stretchy, with soft orange fur and stitchy ruched segments, this perky pumpkin has a kooky curly stem. Patch-perfect!