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Janod 2-in-1 Tricycle

MODEL:  J03280

UPC:  3700217332808

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  • Janod 2-in-1 Tricycle

Out of the way, I'm coming! Your child will be able to go on an adventure in this superb evolving car. From 18 months, he will be able to discover the joys of the road in the tricycle position, which will allow him to find his balance, work on his motor skills and follow the big ones on two-wheels without frustration. As soon as the child becomes more confident, usually around 3 years old, the tricycle will turn into a balance bike! A simple modification allows you to change the rear wheels to keep only one of them. This tricycle has it all: a retro look, natural wood and pastel grey/blue colours for vintage style, a directional steering wheel for easy movement, a height-adjustable seat, very soft silicone handles and a soft seat for comfort. This beautiful toy is made from FSC®-certified wood. Grab your helmets! Ready? Go!

Dimensions: 83 x 38 x 44 cm (32.67 x 14.96 x 17.32")

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