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Its You Babe V2 Supporter - Petite


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  • Its You Babe V2 Supporter - Petite
  • Its You Babe V2 Supporter - Petite

The V2 Supporter by It’s You Babe pelvic floor support was designed by a medical professional for women who want to live active lives. The V2 Supporter relieves pain and pressure from vulvar varicosities, prolapsed bladder, pelvic floor dysfunction, and pelvic girdle pain. This non surgical solution looks a bit like a female version of a jock strap and compresses where the cup would be. It is adjustable to achieve customizable compression. Made in USA. Registered with the FDA. Recommended by pelvic floor therapists.

  • Pelvic floor compression
  • Ease pain & swelling from vulvar varicosities
  • Supports prolapsed bladder & prolapsed uterus
  • For the feeling “everything is going to fall out the bottom”
  • SUPPORT WHERE YOU NEED IT: Discreetly provides adjustable compression to relieve pain, pressure, and swelling from vulvar & labial varicosities, pubic swelling, pelvic organ prolapse (bladder and uterus), inguinal hernia, pelvic congestion and genital lymphedema.
  • POSTPARTUM SUPPORT SHORTENS HEALING: The It’s You Babe V2 Support decreases swelling and improves healing of episiotomies and swelling after vaginal birth.  The V2 Support holds and presses any cold pack next to the skin for improved cooling and comfort. Customizable compression leads to decreased healing time as it continues to reduce swelling and aid healing (after the cold pack has warmed to body temperature).
  • MEDICALLY DESIGNED – by Christine Seering, MSN, with over 20 years of experience in the field of pregnancy and related health. The V2 Supporter is clinically proven to provide effective support to decrease swelling and aid in healing.
  • FSA/HSA/HRA ELIGIBLE – Check with your insurance provider first to get the necessary forms to properly submit your claim for reimbursement.
  • PELVIC SUPPORT: The V2 Supporter’s patented design discreetly provides compression support to relieve pain from conditions such as vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling, prolapsed organ, inguinal hernia, pelvic congestion and genital lymphedema conditions.

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