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  • Jellycat A Fantastic Day For Finnegan Frog Book
    Jellycat A Fantastic Day For Finnegan Frog Book
    A Fantastic Day For Finnegan Frog is a playful tale to share at bedtime. Down at the pond, Finnegan Frog is having the best time ever, leaping and swimming with all of his friends! A spot-glossed hardback with pictures, rhymes, and plenty of tasty bugs! Measures 10" x 10"

  • Jellycat A Monster Called Pip Book
    Jellycat A Monster Called Pip Book
    Monsters should be scary, but what happens if they're just, well, cute? A Monster Called Pip is a kooky story about standing out, doing your best and accepting yourself for who you are. Bright and bold in a textured hardback, with stunning pictures and happy rhymes, it's monster fun for little readers.

  • Jellycat A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds
    Jellycat A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds
    Lovebirds affixed together by a stitch that can be removed to separate after purchase.  

  • Jellycat A Reindeer’s Dream Book
    Jellycat A Reindeer’s Dream Book
    In A Reindeer's Dream, little Mitzi shares her hopes of joining Santa's sleigh team. A gorgeous chunky hardback book with a wonderland of pictures, this snowy-sweet story is about trying your best, helping your friends, persevering and finally taking flight                 ...

  • Jellycat A Tale Of Two Friends Book
    Jellycat A Tale Of Two Friends Book
    The Tale of Two Friends is a story of courage when faced with scary things. Biscuit the little red panda is meant to climb trees, but she's afraid of heights! Can her monkey friend Vanda help? This colourful hardback is beautifully drawn, and lovely to read together.

  • Jellycat Adon Dragon
    Jellycat Adon Dragon
    Adon Dragon

  • JellyCat Albee & The Big Seed Book
    JellyCat Albee & The Big Seed Book
    Albee and the Big Seed is a bright, bold adventure in hardback! Curious Albee discovers a seed and plants it, only to grow an amazing flower! Even the Queen wants to visit! But will it be ready for the Grand Hive Ball?

  • Jellycat Albert Jack Russell
    Jellycat Albert Jack Russell
    Albert Jack Russell is a happy pup in soft cream fur with black and brown patches. With perky ears and a waggly tail, Albert loves to run around the garden. Just watch out for him digging up the carnations!   Measures 7" x 6"

  • Jellycat Alexis Anglerfish
    Jellycat Alexis Anglerfish
    Alexis Anglerfish is wonderfully characterful in terracotta fur. Alexis comes from the deepest ocean – that's why they carry a cool suedette torch! With huge bobble eyes, stitched nose and mouth, and glorious golden segmented fins, this fish is a light in the dark Measures 6" x 8"

  • Jellycat Alice Axolotl
    Jellycat Alice Axolotl
    Loveably luminous, Alice Axolotl is a whole lot of kooky in hot pink floof! This ambling amphibian is bubblegum-bright, with squidgy-soft feet, a goofy grin and a supercool long fuzzy tail! Alice waggles her tufty gills as she trots along the sea bed!

  • Jellycat All Kinds Of Cats Book
    Jellycat All Kinds Of Cats Book
    Jellycat may be our iconic pal, but the  Jellycat All Kinds Of Cats Book celebrates every kitty! A joyful book full of playful rhymes, fun wordplay and vibrant pictures, it's got every cat covered, from moggy to pedigree. This beautiful hardback is a treat to read together.

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Alonso Alpaca
    Jellycat Alonso Alpaca
    Alonso Alpaca

  • Jellycat Ambrosie Fox
    Jellycat Ambrosie Fox
    Freckly, friendly Ambrosie Fox has a fantastic coat of printed red fur! With fluffy cheeks, a creamy tummy, tufty eyebrows and neat suedey paws, this squooshy-tailed scamp is podgy-proud. Tickle those ears and boop that cocoa nose for a very giggly cub indeed!   Measures 9" x 5"

  • Jellycat Ambrosie Hare
    Jellycat Ambrosie Hare
    Ambrosie Hare is oatmeal-cosy, with snow-flecked fur and golden suedey paws. With long, perky ears, expressive eyebrows, a cloudy bobtail and a peaceful smile, this huggable hare is such a soothing pal. A gorgeous gift for happy naptimes, make-believe and comforting cuddles.   Measures 9" x 4"

  • Jellycat Ambrosie Squirrel
    Jellycat Ambrosie Squirrel
    Pebble-grey with scrumbly speckles, Ambrosie Squirrel is simply adorable. Leaning back on a big squishy tail, this cheeky chum has such a fuzzy tum! With suedey grey paws for gathering nuts, tussly brows and a bobble nose, this roundy rascal is so scruffable. Time to scramble!   Measures 9" x 4"

  • Jellycat Amore Bunny
    Jellycat Amore Bunny
    Amore Bunny is one joyful pal, with a weighted base and textured vanilla fur. With chunky haunches, wee carrot arms, perky ears and a snuggly tum, this sleepy bunny is ready to close those suedette eyelids. Rumpled and soft, with a creamy bobtail, Amore Bunny is a calming friend. Measures 10" x 7"

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Amore Corgi
    Jellycat Amore Corgi
    Amore Corgi is chunky and rumpled, with butterscotch fur, cream bib and ears, and an inkdrop suedette nose. A fine companion for afternoon naps, this gorgeous corgi has neat comma feet and a tummy you’ll want to curl up on. Measures 10" x 7 "

  • Jellycat Amuseabean Highland Cow
    Jellycat Amuseabean Highland Cow
    Amuseabean Highland Cow comes from bonny Scotland, where cosy cuddles help in chilly weather! This quirky cow is diddy-delightful, with suedey-soft horns and a punky ginger mane! Cinnamon fur, a silky tuft tail and dark chocolate hooves make our moo-coo amazing.   Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Amuseabean Ram
    Jellycat Amuseabean Ram
    The pasture coiffeur, Amuseabean Ram is a dandy among the daisies! With a shock of splendid creamy-soft fur, curly stitch horns and cocoa boots, this petal-eared poppet is one special scamp. Chonky-soft in buttercream fur, with a tiny tail and a sunny smile, Amuseabean Ram is sheeply amazing.   Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Amuseabean Sheepdog
    Jellycat Amuseabean Sheepdog
    Amuseabean Sheepdog is such a quirky pup! This chibi sweetie is full of beans, with silver-grey fur, a vanilla tum, floppy ears, a quirky smile, cordy boots and a silky tufty hairdo. The perfect deskmate or good-luck mascot! Measures 5" x 4"

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Amuseabean Unicorn
    Jellycat Amuseabean Unicorn
    Amuseabean Unicorn Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Aloe Vera
    Jellycat Amuseable Aloe Vera
    Amuseable Aloe Vera Small has a squat biscuit pot made of super-soft felt. With squashy, punky succulent stems, toffee cord boots and a beanie base, this soothing plant is a no-drama workmate. Measures 7" x 3"

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Amuseable Aloe Vera
    Jellycat Amuseable Aloe Vera
    Amuseable Aloe Vera is a very silly succulent, full of soothing snuggles. With neat cordy boots, velvety green fronds, a suedey grey pot and fluffy cocoa soil, this punky plant's the perfect housewarming gift!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Avocado Bag Charm
    Jellycat Amuseable Avocado Bag Charm
    Amuseable Avocado Bag Charm is beautifully plump with a chunky suedette stone. With a bold green tummy and tufty shell, toffee cord boots and a Jellycat disc, this smiley fruit is looking delicious. Measures 7" x 4"

    Max: 2