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Workman Publishing Welcome to the Symphony

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  • Workman Publishing Welcome to the Symphony

Please take your seat. The concert is about to begin!
“An ideal way to introduce children to the magic of music—delightful, charming, wonderfully entertaining, beautifully illustrated.”—Gerard Schwarz, Music Director, the All-Star Orchestra
Discover what a symphony is. Who Beethoven was. What happens when a conductor takes the podium and faces of the orchestra. And when you should and shouldn’t clap.
Here is a unique, interactive introduction to the world of classical music, presenting one of the most famous symphonies ever written, by one the most famous composers who ever lived.

With its 19-button sound panel, you’ll hear the different parts and voices of the music—the beginning of Symphony No. 5, the melody, the harmony, the sounds made by a violin, a viola, a cello, a double bass, and more. And you can even sing along.

By Carolyn Sloan

Illustrated by James Williamson

Note to parents: The secret to raising a child to love and appreciate classical music isn’t a secret at all. You just need to listen with your child and be a willing explorer. Talk about what you hear. Marvel at the sounds. Try to identify the instruments—and have fun with it!

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