With the launch of the NUNA PIPA RX, customers now have two PIPA options that are ideal for city living and taxis as it can be installed with a vehicle seat belt—no base needed. Additionally, both the NUNA PIPA RX and NUNA PIPA include the dream drape sun canopy and are constructed solely from materials that are free of fire retardant additives. Give them—and yourself—a good start on the journey.


The NUNA PIPA RX has the following additional features

  • Two-piece removable infant insert + head support. Customize to their individual shape and get a perfect fit right from birth.
  • Buckle holders keep the harness out of the way when needed
  • Mesh peek-a-boo window in canopy
  • Includes new RELX base

Visit our NUNA RELX & NUNA PIPA Base Comparison where we compare it to the existing NUNA PIPA base

The NUNA PIPA RX will be $349.95 as compared to the PIPA which is $299.95

Yes, the PIPA RX is compatible with all NUNA Strollers