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Workman Publishing Baby Babbles Book

MODEL:  550303

UPC:  9781641703031

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  • Workman Publishing Baby Babbles Book

See the baby?

What’s baby’s name?

Say . . .


How can we help our smallest readers go from baby babble to pronouncing everyday words? The Baby Babble Series will gently encourage babies and toddlers to use their first words and sounds as building blocks for new vocabulary. The first book in this series introduces the "B" sound with words like book, blanket, and bye bye. Filled with mirrors, textured material, and flaps, this interactive board book invites babies to touch and feel each new word, providing kinesthetic, visual, and auditory sensory experiences that will develop their language skills and delight their hands, eyes, and ears with every turn of the page.

By C. Hope Flinchbaugh

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