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A Latino child and their family use first words in English and Spanish to start and go about their day. From "Good morning" to "Good night" learn how to say words and phrases about food, toys, colors, shapes, vehicles, and manners! Learning new languages is fun and easy for toddlers and preschoolers. Lively illustrations help preschoolers guess the correct words for each everyday scene. It’s never too early to begin learning a second language. Studies show that from birth to age 8, children have a greater capacity for learning a new language because the language center of their brains is still developing. Perfect tool for helping kids learn Spanish or English with audio, visual, and repetition.

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  • Say It - Hear It: Hear and say first words and phrases in English and Spanish with 78 unique sounds!
  • Talk about what you see in the pictures. Practice counting and saying colors, shapes, and animals in English and Spanish words
  • Pressing the buttons helps to engage pre-readers. It gives them agency by allowing them to actively participate in storytime
  • Matching the sound buttons is an early math skill and helps to engage pre-readers
  • Durable board pages make it easy for your baby or toddler's little hands to turn the pages This is a dual language/bilingual book with words in both English and Spanish