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NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base


UPC:  8719743747296

  • Manufactured by: Nuna
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  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base
  • NUNA PIPA Relx Infant Car Seat Base

Free yourself to relax on every ride with your little one, with features providing ultimate security and convenience. The five-second true lock installation is guess-free and hassle-free, with no need to reinstall when you adjust the recline with the push of a button. The NUNA PIPA Relx Base is compatible with all PIPA series infant car seats.

Introducing the new NUNA relx infant car seat base! Your life now is focused on firsts—first words, first steps. Our innovative NUNA PIPA RELX base is one of the first to feature an adjustable stability leg to fit in center seating positions and a wider range of vehicles. It also features a steel-reinforced rigid latch adjusting across four positions for a better fit against your vehicle seat.

Colored indicators take the guesswork out of installation, and the bubble-free, numbered, on-the-go recline means you can change positions as your baby grows without having to uninstall the base. The lockoff with easy-access belt path makes it simple to install with the vehicle belt. The smooth platform won’t take a toll on your vehicle seats, and the low profile allows for easier loading of any Nuna PIPA series infant car seat. Problems solved—all of them. What else is left? Ah, yes. Relax.

  • Anti-rebound panel - aids in ease of installation and helps to achieve a tight install. It also reduces rearward motion.
  • Aids in ease of install - Steel reinforced True Lock four-position rigid latch connector makes set up swift, simple and above all—safe.
  • Crumple zone within the stability leg absorbs impact and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • On-the-go recline - can be adjusted to one of four positions with the push of a button as your baby grows.
  • Bubble free install - means peace of mind. Achieve an ideal fit for your child using the positions indicated for their height and weight.
  • Locking three-piece stability leg for improved range - for better fit to vehicle, with a wide range of adjustment to fit more vehicles and center seating positions.
  • Seat belt lock-off - makes belt routing easy with the open belt path, and opens smoothly with the touch of a button. Natural belt angles for lap and shoulder belts accommodate more vehicles.
  • Low profile base for easier loading of infant car seat 
  • Indicators change colors to confirm installation
    • indicators on rigid latch turn green when clicked to vehicle anchor points
    • indicators on stability leg turn green when in proper contact with vehicle floor
  • Steel stability leg helps minimize forward rotation during impact up to 90% (when compared to a system that is not using a stability leg)
  • extra convenient load leg storage with lock
  • automatic rigid latch storage
  • belt guides

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