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Miniware Pre2Pro - Pink Antioxidant


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  • Miniware Pre2Pro - Pink Antioxidant

Go from Pre-solids all the way to Pro level self-feeding!

This innovative set contains everything needed to support your Mini from their first tastes of pre-solids to exploring self-feeding. The PRE spoon is carefully shaped and sized for you to feed your little one while introducing purees and other soft solids. To begin self-feeding and larger bites, switch to the PRO spoon designed to help kiddos safely explore solids and practice feeding on their own. 

Swapping spoon heads is both easy and safe with a carefully shaped connection point designed to prevent children from removing spoon heads while parents can in one motion easily remove and exchange spoon heads at will. 

This product includes

  • 1x PRE spoon head, 1x PRO spoon head, 1x handle

Reasons we love it 

  • Two-in-one system
  • Switchable spoons that go from puree to solids
  • Earth and family safe materials, biodegradable handle and food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean


  • Handle / plant based biodegradable and petroleum free PLA
  • Spoon heads / food grade silicone

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