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Lollaland Sponge Cloths 3 Pack - Red, Yellow, Gray

MODEL:  1200

UPC:  851719005813

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  • Lollaland Sponge Cloths 3 Pack - Red, Yellow, Gray

Introducing the Lollaland Sponge Cloths 3 Pack - Red, Yellow, Gray.  Kids make messes!  The Lollaland Sponge Cloths are resusable, make great paper towel replacements and make cleaning kids and their messes easy and eco-friendly.

  • So many uses! Wet it and see!
  • Super-absorbent: How many times a day do your little ones knock over a glass full of water? Simply toss one of these sponge cloths onto any spill, and it can absorb 15 times its weight and outlast 16 paper towels.
  • While these sponge cloths look and feel brittle when dry, wet one and it makes an excellent, gentle washcloth for all skin types.
  • Great for wiping messy faces + hands at mealtime.
  • Keep one in your diaper bag, bathroom, kitchen, dining table, and car.
  • Quick-drying material reduces odors and bacteria-growth.
  • All-Natural: made of natural cotton + plant-based cellulose fibers.
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  • Made in Sweden.
  • Care Instructions: Rinse + Wring, Wash on top rack of dishwasher, Machine-washable, Wet-it and microwave to disinfect.

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