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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Wild Nature Parasol Mushroom
    Jellycat Wild Nature Parasol Mushroom
    For a cheeky but chic nod to nature, pluck a Wild Nature Parasol Mushroom! Popping up from a fluffy green tuffet, these mushrooms have long suedey mocha stalks. With scrunchie ruffles, cordy brown frills and vanilla caps stitched with red speckles, this pair are parasol-perfect.

  • Jellycat Wiley Whale
    Jellycat Wiley Whale
    Talking of magnificent, Wiley Whale is a real sea celebrity! This aqua dandy has chunky cord fur and the fluffiest grey ombre underbelly! With a frill detail mouth and flappy fins, this gentle giant coasts through the ocean!

  • Jellycat Wiley Whale Huge
    Jellycat Wiley Whale Huge
    Talking of magnificent, Wiley Whale is a real sea celebrity! This aqua dandy has chunky cord fur and the fluffiest grey ombre underbelly! With a frill detail mouth and flappy fins, this gentle giant coasts through the ocean! Measures 8" x 31"

  • Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Willow Hedgehog is a snuffly truffle with a praline tummy and waggly legs. Snuggly, not spiky, with velvety spines, a heart-shaped face and a sweet snub nose, this hoglet's just so huggable. Take Willow Hedgehog for twilight wanders, looking for interesting bugs! Measures 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl

  • Jellycat Willow Squirrel
    Jellycat Willow Squirrel
    Affable scrambler Willow Squirrel has just put the kettle on. Want some acorn tea? So very soft in latte fur, with a suedey pip nose and huge floofy tail, Willow has such perky leaf ears and a beany bottom for sitting on tree stumps. This little squirrel loves fairy tales - do you have any to share?             Measures 7"H x 3"W

  • Jellycat Wistful Polar Bear Small
    Jellycat Wistful Polar Bear Small
    Wistful Polar Bear is big and round like a soft, fuzzy igloo. Gentle and thoughtful, this lumbering lovely has scruffle cream fur and big squashy paws. With perky ears, a black bobble nose, a soothing expression and the tubbiest tum, this beautiful bear is so huggable.

  • Jellycat Woodland Holly Leaf
    Jellycat Woodland Holly Leaf
    Woodland Holly Leaf is looking sharp, but is actually very soft! This chipper leaf brings festive cheer with gorgeous green fur and a suedey stalk. Sporting a bobbly berry bow-tie, and embroidered with sweet stitchy details, this quirky holly makes everyone jolly.

  • Jellycat Woodland Oak Leaf
    Jellycat Woodland Oak Leaf
    Woodland Oak Leaf knows very well that from little acorns, big trees grow! Gorgeous in deep green, with a knobbly shape and a merry grin for all in the glen, this leaf tells stories for the scrambling squirrels!

  • Jellycat Woodruff Wolf
    Jellycat Woodruff Wolf
    Soft as snow in slate-grey fur, Woodruff Wolf is the leader of the pack! With yummy vanilla ice-cream patches and a silky fluffy bib, Woodruff's a wonderful winter companion. This affable wolf adores exploring, and wants to join your pack!

  • Jellycat Woody Bear Lying Pose
    Jellycat Woody Bear Lying Pose
    Spend dappled days beneath the trees with wonderful Woody Bear Lying. This heavenly hugger has hazelnut fur with a buttercream muzzle and huge snuggly paws. A flumpy grizzly and a loyal loafer.
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  • Jellycat Woody Bear Medium
    Jellycat Woody Bear Medium
    Woody Bear Medium has just woken up from hibernation! Fancy a picnic, anyone? A soft chocolate cub with a beige teardrop snout, Woody sits sweetly with chunky paws poised. Ramble and rumble with this forest friend.

  • Jellycat Woody Bear Small
    Jellycat Woody Bear Small
    Jellycat Woody Bear Small

  • Jellycat Wrapabat Black
    Jellycat Wrapabat Black
    Wrapabat Black is the night! (Well, if the night enjoys snuggles and tiny nose boops.) Adorably dinky with sticky-up ears, this inky-black bat has brought along a duvet! Wrapping up warm in those cool stitchy wings, with velcro patches to keep them snug, this flying friend is so flap-happy!                  ...

  • Jellycat Wrapabat Brown
    Jellycat Wrapabat Brown
    Wrapabat Brown is very clever. Whenever it's chilly, this bright little bat wraps both wings round like a cosy cape! Merry in velvety mushroom fur, with fudgy stitch wings and a handy velcro patch, this leaf-eared lovely is always ready for a nice sleep, upside-down!               Measures: 6" x 2"

  • Jellycat Wriggidig Ant
    Jellycat Wriggidig Ant
    Wriggidig Ant is such a busy bug, seeking food and helping run the anthill! This ginger jokester has bobbly segments, a squishy bulb thorax and suedey antennae. With lots of leggos for speedy scuttles, a merry grin and plenty of friends, no wonder this ant is the leaf-lifting champ!   Measures 5" x 6"  

  • Jellycat Wriggidig Bug
    Jellycat Wriggidig Bug
    Sitting up to say hello, it's cheery, chatty Wriggidig Bug! Squiggly and smiley, this snuggly bug has quite the quirky quilted tummy! With diddy legs, suedey feelers, a weighted bottom and a big bug smile, this Wriggidig is a garden goof. Tucked in a tree or sat on the bed, our podgy pal is full of outdoor fun.   Measures 7" x 2"  

  • Jellycat Wriggidig Caterpillar
    Jellycat Wriggidig Caterpillar
    Squidging along with a merry song, it's kooky Wriggidig Caterpillar! With a hoopy-loop body in grassy green, bobbly feet and a silly stitchy grin, this funky friend waggles suedey antennae, looking for lots of yummy leaves! Not quite ready to become a butterfly, our cuddly pal likes a down-to-earth life!   Measures 8" x 9"  

  • Jellycat Yani Yeti Plush
    Jellycat Yani Yeti Plush
    What a goofy, toofy smile! Yani Yeti goes roaming through the snow, the frosty wind blustering that creamy fluffy fur! With knobbly peachy fingers and toes and soft suedey fangs, this affable pal is abominably cute!

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Yule Snowman
    Jellycat Yule Snowman
    The  Jellycat Yule Snowman stands up tall, proud of his very splendid striped red hat! This dapper chap wears a midnight-blue waistcoat and a very fancy scarlet ruff. With soft twiggy arms and a carrot nose, he's the host of the Grand Snow Ball!

  • Jellycat Yummy Bunny Mint
    Jellycat Yummy Bunny Mint
    Yummy Bunny Mint is full of curosity, and so cute you won't want to leave them anywhere! In ruffled, mint-green fur with flopsy, weighted ears and chubby cheeks, this pocket moppet is the perfect pal for tiny people, or anyone who likes a nuzzle from a stitchy pink nose! Measures: 5" x 4"  

  • Jellycat Zeke Monster
    Jellycat Zeke Monster
    The Jellycat Zeke Monster pairs great with the other Jellycat monsters!

  • Jellycat Zingy Chick Orange
    Jellycat Zingy Chick Orange
    Yowsers! Zingy Chick Orange is one fuzzy pompom – a charismatic puffball with bandy legs and stylish, tufty ankle-socks. Toffee-tangerine and full of funky energy, this high-kicking chick makes a great cheerleader! Measures 7"H  

  • Jellycat Zingy Chick Pink
    Jellycat Zingy Chick Pink
    Zingy Chick Pink is all bubblegum and fuzz-bomb! A wibbly-wobbly disco diva with suedey feet, a perky expression and a bus-load of chirpy charm. Time for a good stomping party when this chick's around! Measures 7"H