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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Wavelly Whale Inky
    Jellycat Wavelly Whale Inky
    Tidally amazing.      

  • Jellycat Wee Lamb
    Jellycat Wee Lamb
    Perched on a pillow or dozing on a desk, Wee Lamb is a big help! From cheerleading to chilling, this supersoft pal knows a hug always helps. This tousled tiny has foldy waggle ears, a sweetheart face and a fine chonky tum, with four squat paws and a teeny tail! A gorgeous travel treasure.   Measures 5" x 3"      

  • Jellycat Wilf Wolf
    Jellycat Wilf Wolf
    Wilf Wolf loves wandering in the woods, especially when there's a big full moon! He may have fangs but they're suedey-soft, just like his yummy charcoal tummy! With mocha paws, snub snoot and ears and a beautiful black bobble nose, Wilf is pretty were-wonderful!

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Jellycat Willow Hedgehog
    Willow Hedgehog is a snuffly truffle with a praline tummy and waggly legs. Snuggly, not spiky, with velvety spines, a heart-shaped face and a sweet snub nose, this hoglet's just so huggable. Take Willow Hedgehog for twilight wanders, looking for interesting bugs! Measures 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl
    Jellycat Willow Owl

  • Jellycat Winston Worm
    Jellycat Winston Worm
    Look who's popped up to say hallo! It's squiggly superstar Winston Worm! With big bobble eyes, a silly smile, a tufty hairdo and fiery fur, Winston's an underground hit! Neatly curled and keen to make friends, this warm-hearted worm is the gift for little gardeners.   Measures 6" x 3"      

  • Jellycat Winter Warmer Otto Sausage Dog
    Jellycat Winter Warmer Otto Sausage Dog
    Winter Warmer Otto Sausage Dog is setting new trends for holiday fashion! This floppy-eared pup wears a bold red hat-and-cape combo, with a fleecy trim and bobble pompom, which fastens on with a red ribbon tie. It goes so well with Otto's cocoa fur, splashed with caramel patches! Measures 6" x 3"

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Winter Warmer Pippa Black Labrador
    Jellycat Winter Warmer Pippa Black Labrador
    Winter Warmer Pippa Black Labrador is so excited for the winter season! This floppy-eared pup has hazel eyes, a fetching red bow and a fleece-trimmed hat. Pippa sits up keenly with her long tail behind her, chunky nose sniffing for Christmas dinner! Measures 9" x 3"

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Woody Bear Medium
    Jellycat Woody Bear Medium
    Woody Bear Medium has just woken up from hibernation! Fancy a picnic, anyone? A soft chocolate cub with a beige teardrop snout, Woody sits sweetly with chunky paws poised. Ramble and rumble with this forest friend.

  • Jellycat Woody Bear Small
    Jellycat Woody Bear Small
    Jellycat Woody Bear Small

  • Jellycat Wriggidig Ant
    Jellycat Wriggidig Ant
    Wriggidig Ant is such a busy bug, seeking food and helping run the anthill! This ginger jokester has bobbly segments, a squishy bulb thorax and suedey antennae. With lots of leggos for speedy scuttles, a merry grin and plenty of friends, no wonder this ant is the leaf-lifting champ!   Measures 5" x 6"  

  • Jellycat Wriggidig Bug
    Jellycat Wriggidig Bug
    Sitting up to say hello, it's cheery, chatty Wriggidig Bug! Squiggly and smiley, this snuggly bug has quite the quirky quilted tummy! With diddy legs, suedey feelers, a weighted bottom and a big bug smile, this Wriggidig is a garden goof. Tucked in a tree or sat on the bed, our podgy pal is full of outdoor fun.   Measures 7" x 2"  

  • Jellycat Yummy Bear
    Jellycat Yummy Bear
    Yummy Bear is pocket perfection with silky, tufted honey fur. This gentle bear has a slumped, relaxed pose, cocoa nose and embroidered eyes. A gorgeous gift for tiny paws.   Measures 6" x 3"

  • Jellycat Yummy Bunny Silver
    Jellycat Yummy Bunny Silver
    Yummy Silver Bunny is a teeny-tiny treat for little paws! Podgy-sweet in silver-grey fur, with a neat pink nose and snowy snoot, this lopsy poppet has cream under-ears and a wee fluffy bobtail. Hop along together, take a post-lettuce snooze or hop away on a little adventure!   Measures: 6" x 4"  

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Yummy Bunny Tulip
    Jellycat Yummy Bunny Tulip
    Yummy Bunny Tulip is full of curosity, and so cute you won't want to leave them anywhere! In ruffled, mint-green fur with flopsy, weighted ears and chubby cheeks, this pocket moppet is the perfect pal for tiny people, or anyone who likes a nuzzle from a stitchy pink nose!  Measures: 5" x 4"  

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Yummy Puppy
    Jellycat Yummy Puppy
    Yummy Puppy is scruffy, golden and tiny enough to take everywhere! With floppy ears, a nougat muzzle, snuggly paws and a cocoa nose, this bright-eyed pup likes to ride in your pocket! Measures 6" x 3"

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Zeke Monster
    Jellycat Zeke Monster
    The Jellycat Zeke Monster pairs great with the other Jellycat monsters!

  • Silly Succulent Columnar Cactus
    Silly Succulent Columnar Cactus
    Silly Succulent Columnar Cactus is a stout little sweetie with a mighty name! Squat and scrumptious in a felty beige pot, with fluffy toffee soil and cordy boots, this cactus has four squidgy two-tone stalks. Stripey, stocky, green and giggly, this succulent's super-sassy!