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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Mitten Kitten - Shimmer
    Jellycat Mitten Kitten - Shimmer
    Jellycat Mitten Kitten - Shimmer gives heavenly hugs in heathery two-tone fluff. Silvery-soft, with a tubby tummy, long tousled tail and clotted-cream patches, this bright-eyed button is a quizzical cutie, and likes to know what's going on!

  • Jellycat Mitten Kitten - Storm
    Jellycat Mitten Kitten - Storm
    Cheeky and chubby, Mitten Kitten Storm is beautifully snuggly in scruffle slate fur. With chunky cream paws, tufty ears, a soft, swishy tail and a vanilla snoot, our dreamy kitty likes nothing better than sitting and daydreaming in the sun.

  • Jellycat Mitzi Reindeer
    Jellycat Mitzi Reindeer
    Mitzi Reindeer is rumply-gentle, with tousled cream and caramel fur. A curious cutie, Mitzi stands tall on heart-shaped suedey hooves. With scrummily fluffy waggle ears, butterscotch antlers and a chocolate button nose, this petal-tailed poppet is a tufty treat!

    Max: 4
  • Jellycat Montgomery Panda
    Jellycat Montgomery Panda
    Montgomery Panda is a big dreamy bear in dapper tuxedo colours. You could picture him sat at a very classy restaurant – but Montgomery's not fussy. He's happy enough chomping on bamboo and doing the odd roly-poly down a hill. A tubby cloud of softness, with a tiny tail and a thoughtful face!             Measures 10" x...

  • Jellycat Montgomery Panda Huge
    Jellycat Montgomery Panda Huge
    Montgomery Panda is a big dreamy bear in dapper tuxedo colours. You could picture him sat at a very classy restaurant – but Montgomery's not fussy. He's happy enough chomping on bamboo and doing the odd roly-poly down a hill. A tubby cloud of softness, with a tiny tail and a thoughtful face!   Measures 17" x 7"  

  • Jellycat Munchkin Cat
    Jellycat Munchkin Cat
    Munchkin Cat has kitten-soft fur in cloudy vanilla and bonny blue-grey. With pink ears and nose, aqua eyes, a curlabout tail and the podgiest tummy, this comforting kitty is such a loving friend. Squat, scrumptious and splendidly scruffable.
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  • Jellycat Munchkin Pup
    Jellycat Munchkin Pup
    Scrumbly scrambler Munchkin Pup is a diddy dollop of chocolate oatmeal. With flopsy brown ears, bright hazel eyes, a praline patch and a waggly tail, this sweetpea knows how to Sit, Stay and Snuggle. Pop a pup in your pocket for a constant companion.

  • Jellycat Munro Scottie Dog
    Jellycat Munro Scottie Dog
    Munro Scottie Dog is obedient to a fault, but gets rather feisty on big adventures! Any visitor or friendly face is likely to get a creamy, tufty bundle of pup launched into their arms. But then who wouldn't want to give that bobble nose a boop? The perfect companion for an intrepid reporter!

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Nauticool Roly Poly Seal
    Jellycat Nauticool Roly Poly Seal
    Lazy, loungy and lovely, Nauticool Roly Poly Seal is here! This bluey-grey softy has dreamy, fluffy fur to keep them warm in the chilly sea! With a scrumbly vanilla tummy, neat squashy flippers and a gentle expression, this posing pup is podgy-perfect.   Measures 4" x 6"

  • Jellycat Nauticool Spotty Seal
    Jellycat Nauticool Spotty Seal
    Nauticool Spotty Seal is a fine freckled friend, keen to bark hello! Huggably tubby in sorbet-pink fur, with a pastel-pink bib and curious eyes, this bouncy buddy loves playing at the beach! From inky nose to squidgy flippers, our spotty seal takes the sand by storm!   Measures 3" x 5"

  • Jellycat Neo Fish
    Jellycat Neo Fish
    Bringing the funk to the briny blue, Neo Fish is bright and bubbly! A squishy fish with sherbet segments in fizzy orange and coral red, Neo is rocking pompoms galore, a tickly tail and warm waggle flippers! Make some waves and swim in style!  

  • Jellycat Neo Octopous Plush
    Jellycat Neo Octopous Plush
    Jellycat Neo Octopous Plush 

  • Jellycat Nessie Large
    Jellycat Nessie Large
    Quick, get your camera! Nessie has surfaced! With rumpled green hills of mossy fur, this legend is Scotland's sweetheart. Nessie has soft spines, squishy-squash flippers and dreamy, suedey eyes, as well as a cool curly tail. A bonny gift for any monster hugger!

  • Jellycat Nesting Chickies
    Jellycat Nesting Chickies
    Three little Nesting Chickies, giggling away. Whether in or out of their cosy cocoa nest, these adorable chicks like to stick together. In bright dandelion, banana and sweetcorn yellows, they're a chirpy, fluffsome bunch – perfect for springtime fun!  Measures 5" x 5"

  • Jellycat Nippit Hedgehog
    Jellycat Nippit Hedgehog
    Nippit Hedgehog has just woken up, and can't wait to ramble round the garden! This stocky scamp has a tousled tuxedo of soft cocoa spines and nougat fur. With suedey paws and shiny eyes, this hoglet's all set for a snuffly adventure!   Measures: 5" x 3"

  • Jellycat Nippit Mole
    Jellycat Nippit Mole
    Gentle, genial Nippit Mole is very good at digging tunnels! This chocolate chum has baby-soft fur and mighty suedey praline paws. Popping up shyly with bright black eyes, a perky tail and a nuzzly tum, Nippit Mole is curious to meet you!   Measures 5" x 3"

  • Jellycat Nippit Owl
    Jellycat Nippit Owl
    Nippit Owl is a curious bird who sits up tall to see what's going on. Cosy in taupe and soft as a cloud, with diddy tufts, flappy wings and suedey mustard feet and beak, our gentle owl perches high in the trees, looking down at the world below. The woodland is full of wonders!   Measures 3" x 5"

  • Jellycat Nippit Squirrel
    Jellycat Nippit Squirrel
    Nippit Squirrel is a pumpkin spice cutie in vibrant tawny fur! With a curly tail, tufty ears and suedey paws for speedy climbing, this squat wee squirrel is the star of the park! Cuddle close on blustery days with a squishable ginger scamp!   Measures: 5" x 3"

  • Jellycat Nisse Gnome Noel (Green Hat)
    Jellycat Nisse Gnome Noel (Green Hat)
    Nisse Gnome Noel is splendidly squat, with a rumpled mossy hat and a long scruffle beard. This button-nosed buddy has a rich red tunic and curly-toed leafy shoes. Hobbies include birdwatching, fishing and skipping round and round the garden!

  • Jellycat Nisse Gnome Rudy (Red Hat)
    Jellycat Nisse Gnome Rudy (Red Hat)
    Nisse Gnome Rudy is a thoughtful fellow, with a tousled cream beard, bobbly nose and great big cherry-red hat. Wearing a robe of soft grassy green and groovy red slippers with funky toes, this nature nerd adores the outdoors. Flowers, fruits, trees, bugs - Rudy digs them all!

  • Jellycat Nozzy Polar Bear
    Jellycat Nozzy Polar Bear
    Nozzy Polar Bear just got in from a tussly, blustery blizzard! No wonder this scruffled scamp is ready to flump! With big squashy paws, a boopable nose, petal ears, a cuddly bottom and a teeny tail, our bright-eyed bear is hard not to hug. A fine friend to snooze with!   Measures 8" x 17"

  • Jellycat Nutcracker
    Jellycat Nutcracker
    The  Jellycat Nutcracker is a great addition to your holiday Jellycat Collection!

  • Jellycat Nutcracker King
    Jellycat Nutcracker King
    The Nutcracker King might look pretty mighty, but this beardy boss just loves to dance. With a fuzzy black hat, deep plum tunic, shimmery gold cape and glossy black boots, this magical monarch is royally proud. Raise the curtain for Act One of a very Merry Christmas!      

  • Jellycat Oakley Owl
    Jellycat Oakley Owl
    My my, is that the time? Oakley Owl is bonny and yawny with divinely droopy suedey eyelids. A bumbly bundle of chocolate and nougat, with peach underwings and rumples all over, this tufty-top owl waggles both bobble feet and slowly begins to wake up.   Measures 9" x 5"