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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Plush - Black
    Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Plush - Black
    The  Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Plush - Black is a liquorice lovely with eyes on the prize! Sooty, squat and just a bit sassy, with a quirky quizzical sticky-up tail our catto has a neat pink nose and cutely curious ears. This moggy loves rolling around in the sun like a fuzzy little barrel!  Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Plush - Cream
    Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Plush - Cream
    We might have spoiled Kitten Caboodle Cream a little. Just a little. But look at that face - how could you not? This white-chocolate fluffball has dreamy-soft fur, aqua-blue eyes and the diddiest paws, and we simply adore that question-mark tail.  Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Knitten Kitten Fuschia
    Jellycat Knitten Kitten Fuschia
    Knitten Kitten Fuchsia is making a style statement! This stretchy-soft kitty wears a hot pink jumper that goes so well with that inky-black fur! With trumpet legs, a slinky tail and beautiful bright, surprised eyes, this cosy cat is looking funky!

  • Jellycat Knitten Kitten Lime
    Jellycat Knitten Kitten Lime
    A curious cat with a toasty tummy - that's Knitten Kitten Lime! Liquorice-black with short, stretchy fur, our merry moggy wears a fruity green sweater! This zingy kitty has dinky ears, inquisitive eyes and squishable paws, not to mention a wonderful waradrobe!

  • Jellycat Knitten Kitten Tangerine
    Jellycat Knitten Kitten Tangerine
    Jellycat Knitten Kitten Tangerine

  • Jellycat Kooky Cosmetic Lipstick
    Jellycat Kooky Cosmetic Lipstick
    Kiss and cuddle with Kooky Cosmetic Lipstick! With a suedey pink stick, soft charcoal tummy, grey cordy boots and a shiny gold tube, this loveable lippy always raises a smile. A snuggly sidekick for the queen in your life!

  • Jellycat Lallagie Dragon
    Jellycat Lallagie Dragon
    Lallagie Dragon is sleepy and sweet, with magical mint-and-moss fur. Tussly-tufty with a podgy paunch, crinkly tail and suedey horns, as well as those wonderful sagey wings, this snuggle-spined dragon's a fairytale friend!

  • Jellycat Lallagie Giraffe
    Jellycat Lallagie Giraffe
    Lallagie Giraffe is a lazy lovely with yummy fudge and caramel mottles! With a tufty mane and matching tail, flopsy ears and suedey praline hooves this gentle giraffe is a joy. Enjoys tasty leaves and cosy cuddles.
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  • Jellycat Lallagie Unicorn
    Jellycat Lallagie Unicorn
    Lallagie Unicorn takes to the skies! A magical, marshmallow marvel with warm pink mane and magnificent rose-gold horn, rising up on fluffy wings and soft hooves. Make this legendary beastie your besty – let them lift you up and carry you into the clouds!     Measures 15" x 5"    

  • Jellycat Lallagie Zebra
    Jellycat Lallagie Zebra
    Splendidly stripey in warm grey and cream, Lallagie Zebra is a bold little buddy! Rocking a silky charcoal mane and tail, suedey-squish hooves and perky fold ears, this zippy zebra is joyfully jazzy. Trot into naptime together!

  • Jellycat Larry Lobster
    Jellycat Larry Lobster
    Put your claws together for the one and only loveable Larry Lobster! This shimmying shellfish is a dance sensation in the undersea ballroom. Bright brick red with bobbly eyes, this chipper chap has perky feelers and a funky cordy tail. Let him spin you rou   Measures 11" x 4 "

  • Jellycat Lawrence Schnauzer
    Jellycat Lawrence Schnauzer
    A feisty pup with foldy ears, Lawrence Schnauzer is certainly not shy! With big tufty eyebrows, a soft fuzzy muzzle, silky cream paws and gorgeous grey fur, this elegant, expressive gent is fierce friends with everyone he meets! Full of wags and woofs, this schnauzer's a star. Measures 9" x 4"

  • Jellycat Leffy Elf Medium Plush
    Jellycat Leffy Elf Medium Plush
    Jellycat Leffy Elf Medium Plush

  • Jellycat Leffy Elf Small
    Jellycat Leffy Elf Small
    The  Jellycat Leffy Elf Small is a helpful pal, making toys and games for Santa. It's cold at the North Pole, so Leffy's cheeks are as red as those boots and candycane socks! They go so well with that fine grassy coat, mittens and gold stitched buttons. But why does an elf ne

    Max: 4
  • Jellycat Lenny Snowman
    Jellycat Lenny Snowman
    Lenny Snowman is one tall icicle! This lanky lovely is fleecy-fuzzy with waggly arms in milk-chocolate cord. Lenny's mustard scarf and long pompom hat go very well with that suedey carrot nose and those neat stitchy buttons. A charming chill chum for winter wanders!   Measures 15" x 6"

  • Jellycat Lenny Snowman Little
    Jellycat Lenny Snowman Little
    Lenny Snowman is one tall icicle! This lanky lovely is fleecy-fuzzy with waggly arms in milk-chocolate cord. Lenny's mustard scarf and long pompom hat go very well with that suedey carrot nose and those neat stitchy buttons. A charming chill chum for winter wanders!   Measures 9" x 4"

  • Jellycat Letty Jellyfish
    Jellycat Letty Jellyfish
    Bold and blue and curly all over, that's quirky Letty Jellyfish! Letty doesn't sting - she's much too soft! With a huge squidgy head, funky eyeliner and oodles of beautiful curly tentacles, this jolly jelly likes to bumble through the sea, shaking hands with everyone she meets!                 Measures: 23" x 6"

  • Jellycat Libby Lamb
    Jellycat Libby Lamb
    Libby Lamb is a lollopy lovely, with yummy, fluffy marshmallow fleece. This shy wee sheep is baby-friendly, with soft praline hooves that match her face and ears. A gentle, nuzzly naptime pal, Libby gives wonderful sleepy cuddles.

  • Jellycat Little Bear
    Jellycat Little Bear
    Little Bear is such a snoozy sweetpea. Fuzzly-soft in vintage toffee tussles, with wee bobble paws and a choolate-drop nose, this shy little snuggler wants to meet a loving friend. A classic pocket pal.

    Max: 6
  • Jellycat Little Fox
    Jellycat Little Fox
    Little Fox is a gingery jumble, with fuzzly fur from scrambling through the hedge! With a boopable nose, creamy snoot and plenty of miniature mischiefs afoot, this cub's a tiny, tously treasure!

  • Jellycat Little Kitten
    Jellycat Little Kitten
    Little Kitten may be diddy, but this squat sweetie is mighty! Lavender-blue and utterly loveable, this tufty scamp likes to hide in your pocket! With a long fuzzy tail and snowy snoot, Little Kitten is the cat's whiskers!

  • JellyCat Little Lamb
    JellyCat Little Lamb
    Friendly and gentle, the  JellyCat Little Lamb is small enough to snuggle in your bag. This shy little sheep has a tussled creamy fleece, peachy face and waggly ears. And don't forget that teeny tail and loveably cuddly tummy!

  • Jellycat Little Panda Plush
    Jellycat Little Panda Plush
    The  Jellycat Little Panda Plush may have diddy paws, but this bitsy bear has captured our hearts. A black-and-cream bobbin of tussly softness, with scruffly ears and a podgy paunch, this panda's both mini and mighty! Pop a bear in your bag, on your desk or in your arms.

  • Jellycat Little Penguin
    Jellycat Little Penguin
    The  Jellycat Little Penguin Plush is so excited, waggling those diddy wings! This charismatic pocket chick has a bright orange suedey beak and claws, as well as the fuzziest, fluffiest fur in soothing pebble and buttercream. A roly-poly bubbly bird, Little Penguin is just a little bit charming.