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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Amuseable Fried Egg
    Jellycat Amuseable Fried Egg
    How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours cheeky and squishably silly - just like Amuseable Fried Egg! With a bright sunny yolk, cloudy-soft white and wacky, waggly cordy arms, this playful pal will bring you out of your shell! Keep it funny-side-up!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Lemon
    Jellycat Amuseable Lemon
    The  Jellycat Amuseable Lemon is a great gift for that nexy baby shower or birthday party!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Lemon Small
    Jellycat Amuseable Lemon Small
    The Jellycat Amuseable Lemon Small is a great gift for that nexy baby shower or birthday party!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Chocolate
    Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Chocolate
    Bonjour mes amis! The  Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Chocolate is deliciously soft and delighted to meet you! Scrummy-sweet, with fur au chocolat and cute cocoa feet, this merry macaron has a velvety filling!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Pistachio
    Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Pistachio
    Gorgeous in green, The  Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Pistachio is a bundle of fun! With petit cordy feet, a cheeky smile and a velvety cocoa middle, this scrumptious scamp is full of bakery bonhomie!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Raspberry
    Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Raspberry
    Bienvenue! The  Jellycat Amuseable Macaroon - Raspberry is a fruity, friendly treat, with cordy pink feet, soft berry fur and a tres jolie velvety filling. Smiley and sparky, this blushing sweetie is just so om-nom-nuzzly!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Microphone
    Jellycat Amuseable Microphone
    Karaoke? Okey-dokey! Amuseable Microphone is here to start the party! Funny and fuzzy, this sparkly mic has mustard stitching and kicky cord legs! Smiley and soft, this goofy grey groover will help you sing like the star you are!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pear
    Jellycat Amuseable Pear
    Amuseable Pear is a roly-poly pal, with a tubby green tummy in scrumptious-soft fur. This fruity friend has little cordy feet and a matching cord stalk and leaf! With a beany bottom and beaming smile, this pear's a peach!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple Small Plush
    Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple Small Plush
    The  Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple Small Plush is a great gift for that next baby shower or birthday party

  • Jellycat Amuseable Poinsetta
    Jellycat Amuseable Poinsetta
    The  Jellycat Amuseable Poinsetta is a great addition to your holiday Jellycat Collection!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel
    Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel
    Freckly, friendly and fresh from the bakery, the  Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel  is knotty but nice! This squishy silly is golden brown, with cocoa cord boots and stitchy salt speckles! Huggy and hearty - a brilliant breakfast buddy!

  • JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow
    JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow
    The  JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow is the perfect gift for that next baby shower!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Ravioli
    Jellycat Amuseable Ravioli
    Bursting with giggles and soft in the middle, it's the Jellycat Amuseable Ravioli! This cordy-boot cutie has warm golden fur, a fine stitchy frill and a welcoming smile. Pop this pal up on the kitchen shelf to watch your pasta pots!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Snowdrop
    Jellycat Amuseable Snowdrop
    Amuseable Snowdrop is here to spread cheer when it's chilly and dark at the start of the year. Sat in a soft grey linen pot, this pal has the prettiest frosty-white flowers, squishy cordy stems and fluffy soil. Kick up those cocoa boots - it's Spring!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Strawberry Medium
    Jellycat Amuseable Strawberry Medium
    Amuseable Strawberry is a berry fine fruit, with textured two-tone fur in rich reddy-pink. This plump little pal wears a stylish stalk hat, and has a beany bottom for sitting up straight. A big stitchy smile and cordy feet complete the look for this merry strawberry!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Swiss Cheese
    Jellycat Amuseable Swiss Cheese
    Holey smokes, it's Amuseable Swiss Cheese! Beautifully beigey with suedey patches, this funny fromage is scrumptious to snuggle. Our cheeky cheese loves trotting and toddling over the Alps on those cute cordy feet!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Toast Medium
    Jellycat Amuseable Toast Medium
    Wakey-wakey! It's Amuseable Toast! Adorably goofy and kawaii, this squishable silly loves to loaf around! Freshly baked, with a fluffy white tummy and golden-brown crust, Amuseable Toast also has neat cordy feet. A buddy for breakfast with a good-morning smile.

  • Jellycat Amuseable Tulip
    Jellycat Amuseable Tulip
    Amuseable Tulip lights up the room with a dazzling smile and dizzy Dutch style. This blushing blossom has a linen pot in neutral beige with cordy feet and stalks to match, fuzzy soil and rich red velvety flowers!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Watermelon Medium
    Jellycat Amuseable Watermelon Medium
    Amuseable Watermelon is pink, green and cuddly all over! A slice of sheer sillyness, full of Jellycat goodness, this fluffy fruit is full of fun. Buddies come in all shapes and sizes, and there ain't no cuddle like a watermelon cuddle. Cheery, cheeky and merry with mischief!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Wreath
    Jellycat Amuseable Wreath
    A wreath is not just for Christmas. At least, not the Jellycat Amuseable Wreath ! This evergreen treasure is soft, not spiky, and has textured fur. With neat little feet, a crimson bow and plush berries, this holly's so jolly!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Yucca
    Jellycat Amuseable Yucca
    The Jellycat Amuseable Yucca is a great addition to your Jellycat collection!

  • Jellycat Amuseables Croissant
    Jellycat Amuseables Croissant
    Bonjour, mes amis! Un petit dejeuner? Amuseable Croissant is a crusty cutie - all golden and fluffy with soft pastry knobbles. This delightful scamp has a big sunny smile and cordy boots au chocolat! Rise and shine with a cuddly croissant. Measures 7"H x 13"W

  • Jellycat Amuseables Croissant Small
    Jellycat Amuseables Croissant Small
    Bonjour, mes amis! Un petit dejeuner? The  Jellycat Amuseables Croissant Small is a crusty cutie - all golden and fluffy with soft pastry knobbles. This delightful scamp has a big sunny smile and cordy boots au chocolat! Rise and shine with a cuddly croissant. Measures 3"H x 8"W

  • Jellycat Amuseables Ice Cream Small
    Jellycat Amuseables Ice Cream Small
    Amuseable Ice Cream is one cool character! With a squishy-soft waffle cone, cordy feet and big stitch smile, this kooky pal is perfect for a beach trip. We dig that splodgy ice-cream hat, in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours! A sweet and silly gift for summer year round!