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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Precious Patsy Pup Plush
    Jellycat Precious Patsy Pup Plush
    Precious Patsy Pup is a dog-show diva, and loves to be combed and groomed! Soft and fluffy like a snuggly marshmallow, she's a glamorous pup with silky cream fur. Holding her tail high, she trots along on her neat little paws. A charming chum for any Crufts fan!

  • Jellycat Prince Penguin
    Jellycat Prince Penguin
    Please be upstanding for bonny Jellycat Prince Penguin ! This regal pal has a shining silver crown, which sits on top of his gorgeous grey head! With a cosy cream tum, dreamy ice-blue eyes, snuggly feet and fuzzly ruff, this penguin's a perfect gent!

  • Jellycat Puffles Bear
    Jellycat Puffles Bear
    Puffles Bear is such a timeless sweetie, with short oatmeal fur and a chocolate-drop nose. With bright shiny eyes, perky ears and super squeezable limbs, this beautiful bear makes a gorgeous first gift for any cuddle fan. This soft-hearted pal brings honey-sweet dreams and plenty of vintage hugs.

  • Jellycat Puffles Dino
    Jellycat Puffles Dino
    Grassy-green and sweet as an apple, Puffles Dino loves to stomp and snuggle. This quirky companion has contrast green spines, but don't worry - they're supersoft! A squishy muzzle, bonny bright eyes and a love of adventure make this darling dinosaur such a fine friend.

  • Jellycat Puffles Elephant
    Jellycat Puffles Elephant
    Sound the trumpets - Puffles Elephant is in town! Baby-blue and cloudy-soft, this loveable elly has the scrummiest belly, and loves to tumble around the garden. With a beany bottom and huggable trunk, our bubbly elephant sits so well, looking pastel-perfect at any picnic!

  • Jellycat Puffles Piglet
    Jellycat Puffles Piglet
    Puffles Piglet loves hunting for truffles, taptrotter dancing and hugs aplenty. As pink and sweet as cotton candy, this perky pig is baby-friendly and heavenly-soft. With a neat little snout, foldy ears, a tubby tum and a curly tail, Puffles Piglet is a farmyard of fun! Snuggle down and snore!

  • Jellycat Quack-Quack Duck
    Jellycat Quack-Quack Duck
    Quack-Quack Duck is gorgeously goofy, with soft creamy fur and a long fuzzy neck! This flappity friend has bright, shiny eyes, wee fluffy wings and orange feet and beak. This quirky quacker loves to cuddle, waddle and paddle!

  • Jellycat Quack-Quack Duckling
    Jellycat Quack-Quack Duckling
    Quack-Quack Duckling just popped out of an egg, and can't wait to go exploring! This darling duckling has vanilla fur, orange feet and beak, and a scrumptious round head. Pop this pip in the buggy for a trip to the pond.

  • Jellycat Queen Bee
    Jellycat Queen Bee
    Buzzy boss Queen Bee is the diva of the hive! This stripey star has black and yellow fur, a fluffy ruff and a shimmering gold crown. With gauzy wings, perky antennae and a black bobble nose, she's always in charge!

  • Jellycat Rap Cat
    Jellycat Rap Cat
    Please welcome to the stage ... Rap Cat! A rhyming rascal with a fluffy grey ruff, this MC moggy wears a sunny yellow beanie. With a chunky nose and funky jams, this charcoal kitty pounces on the mic!

  • Jellycat Raver Dog
    Jellycat Raver Dog
    Raver Dog just loves to dance, waggling those cocoa ears! This clubbing cutie wears an aqua bucket hat, perfect for parties on the beach! With mocha fur, a buttercream belly and a big old squidgy snoot, this pup's a party animal!

  • Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Beige
    Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Beige
    The  Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Beige is getting ready to run. Our racing rabbit is poised on his soft, squashy haunches, ears back, ready to bound and frolic! This dashing pal is scrummily soft in warm beige fur with a contrast creamy tum. Blink and you'll just see a fluffy bobtail!

  • Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Cream
    Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Cream
    The  Jellycat Riley Rabbit Small Plush - Cream is out to break the world speed-hopping record! Gorgeously soft in dreamy cream fur, this eager rabbit has ears back and paws ready. With a sweet pink nose and dandelion bobtail, Riley's both cute and lightning-quick!

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger
    All dressed up for a blustery walk, the Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger is a countryside dandy. Wearing a very smart grey linen jacket and a snug check scarf in autumn greens, this badger is ready to spot scurrying bugs! A friendly scamp in grey and cream, with perk

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Frog
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Frog
    Riverside Ramblers Frog is a very excitable companion. Delightfully rich in mossy green, this flipper-foot frog simply can't wait for spring, and is smiling from cheek to cheek. This stylish swimmer wears a red linen coat and a snazzy check scarf in tawny,

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Hedgehog
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Hedgehog
    Fancy a wander? Ask Riverside Rambler Hedgehog, who knows every green lane and peaceful path! With soft coffee spines, oatmeal fur, a dapper tweed jacket and cheery tartan scarf, this tubby trundler is an excellent guide!

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Mole
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Mole
    A loyal friend with a shy, thoughtful nature, that's Riverside Ramblers Mole. Squat and cuddly, with little grey paws, this rambler wears a mustard scarf with warm maroon print and a green linen jacket with soft black buttons. Mole often closes his eyes to

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Rabbit
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Rabbit
    All bundled up and ready to explore, that's Riverside Rambler Rabbit! This latte bunny wears a blue denim coat with colourful trim and neat buttons, and stays snuggly with a patterned scarf. Hop outside in cosy style!

  • JellyCat Rolbie Pig
    JellyCat Rolbie Pig
    The  JellyCat Rolbie Pig is a champion truffler, and always finds the sweetest treats! This tufty pig is a ball of pink scruffles, with waggly ears, a silky punky hairdo and a springy curly tail. Perfectly podgy and huggably soft.

  • JellyCat Rolbie Pony
    JellyCat Rolbie Pony
    Huggable hoofer JellyCat Rolbie Pony is a tousled, tubby cutie. Cocoa-scrummy in scruffly fur, this roly-poly pony has silky mane and tail and velvety biscuit nose, ears and feet. A gentle pal who prefers not to trot!

  • Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer
    Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer
    The  Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer is a roly-poly rascal, in shaggy-soft latte fur! With a snoozy expression, butterscotch face and cocoa snoot, hooves and antlers, this festive fuzzball is hard not to hug! Curl up and dream of sweet sleigh bells! Measures 11" H

  • JellyCat Rolbie Sheep
    JellyCat Rolbie Sheep
    The  JellyCat Rolbie Sheep is gorgeously round, with a fluffy cream fleece and gentle beigey face. Friendly and fluffy, this sheep may be tubby but can leap over any stile or gate! Kindly shepherds very welcome!

  • JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small
    JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small
    The  JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small is gorgeously round, with a fluffy cream fleece and gentle beigey face. Friendly and fluffy, this sheep may be tubby but can leap over any stile or gate! Kindly shepherds very welcome!

  • Jellycat Rumpa Dog
    Jellycat Rumpa Dog
    Rumpa Dog has such a squishy snoot in scrummy oatmeal, with a choc-drop nose! This cheerful chum is so, so soft, with flopsy ears and a cute cocoa patch, and can't wait to cuddle when it's time for a nap.