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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Raspberry
    Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Raspberry
    Bobbly, bouncy and bursting with fun, it must be Fabulous Fruit Raspberry! Stretchy-snuggly in rich sorbet-red, with a jaunty green stalk beret, this merry berry is the pick of the crop! Playful, plump and pleased to meet you!

  • Jellycat Festive Folly Snowman
    Jellycat Festive Folly Snowman
    Festive Folly Candy Cane is popping up to wish you Happy Holidays! Bright red and white with a sweet stitch trim, curly tip and cheeky grin, this colourful cane's got a real sugar rush! Pop in a stocking or place on the table for lots of funny festive frolics! Measures 4" x 4"  

  • Jellycat Figgy Caterpillar
    Jellycat Figgy Caterpillar
    Dreamy, bobbly Figgy Caterpillar loves to loaf about. With beige, sage and ginger bobbles and cordy in-betweeny sections, this sleepy squiggle is garden-glam. Bumbling along with antennae wiggling, Figgy's a pompom poppet.

  • Jellycat Finley Bear
    Jellycat Finley Bear
    The  Jellycat Finley Bear is a great addition to your new collection!

  • Jellycat Finley Bear Small
    Jellycat Finley Bear Small
    Finley Bear is one tussly grizzly, with rumpled, ruffled milk-chocolate fur! Big squashy paws and a cocoa nose help this cub trundle right through the woods! Hibernate with this tousled teddy for happy dreams of forest streams.  

  • Jellycat Fishiful Blue
    Jellycat Fishiful Blue
    If it wasn’t for those red fins, you might not be able to spot Fishiful Blue swimming around! This squishy sweetie is full of printed patterns, right down to those big, bold eyes. That bright orange mouth is perfectly poised for blowing bubbles, which is what this fishy loves to do!   Measures 5" x 6"  

  • Jellycat Fishiful Orange
    Jellycat Fishiful Orange
    Fishiful Orange is a riot of colour with stretchy-soft printed fur! Zany and zingy, this funky fish has cocoa freckles, ombre orange sides and baby-blue lips, with a bold navy eye band and multicoloured fins! Dreamy-eyed and perfect for drifting off with.                       Measures 5" x 6"  

  • Jellycat Fishiful Pink
    Jellycat Fishiful Pink
    Fishiful Pink is wonderfully kooky, wearing colourful print from head to tail! Check out those punky fade fins, bright sorbet speckles, bold tiger stripes and raspberry-pink cheeks. Now we mention it, are they blowing a raspberry? Wide-eyed, huggable and super-stretchy, this one's making waves!                    ...

  • Jellycat Fleury Daffodil
    Jellycat Fleury Daffodil
    Fleury Daffodil is velvety soft with a big, friendly smile. That splendid plump ruff of squishy, golden petals is sure to attract busy bees! Take this cheerful champ with you wherever you go for easy snuggles.  Measures 14" x 14"  

  • Jellycat Fleury Daisy Jitter Toy
    Jellycat Fleury Daisy Jitter Toy
    Jellycat Fleury Daisy Jitter Toy

  • Jellycat Fleury Daisy Soother
    Jellycat Fleury Daisy Soother
    Meadow-mellow in cream and gold, the Fleury Daisy Soother's divine. This friendly flower can't wait to share a little field of soft green fur. Curl up and dream on a huggable hill with this dorky-delightful petal.

  • Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Large
    Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Large
    Jazz up the room with Fleury Gerbera! Big, bright and bobbly, with a dazzling crown of candyfloss-pink petals, this power flower will stand out anywhere. The perfect combo of vibrant looks and squishy style.   Measures: 14" x 14"  

  • Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Soother
    Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Soother
    Fleury Gerbera Soother      

  • Jellycat Fleury Pansy
    Jellycat Fleury Pansy
    Fleury Pansy is a decadent diva in radiant royal purple! This fabulous flower is divinely soft, with five sumptuous heart-shaped petals! With a pastel-yellow face and glamorous lashes, this pansy turns the garden path into a catwalk.

  • Jellycat Fleury Poinsettia Soother
    Jellycat Fleury Poinsettia Soother
    Fleury Poinsettia Soother

  • Jellycat Fleury Sunflower
    Jellycat Fleury Sunflower
    Chipper and cheeky, Fleury Sunflower cheers you on to aim high! With scrumptiously squashy mustard petals and a snuggly cocoa centre, this friendly flower is huggably soft. A fuzzy friend with a splash of sunshine!

  • Jellycat Flo Maflingo Little
    Jellycat Flo Maflingo Little
    Jellycat Flo Maflingo Little

  • Jellycat Floofie Sheepdog
    Jellycat Floofie Sheepdog
    Normally only little dogs sit on laps, but we'll make an exception for Floofie Sheepdog! This tumbly cloud of scruffled softness is too adorable not to hug! With tussled vanilla fur, flopsy grey ears, ice-cream paws and a bobbly black nose, our perky pup is always making friends!   Measures 10" x 16"  

  • Jellycat Floral Lottie Bunny
    Jellycat Floral Lottie Bunny
    Lottie Bunny Floral is ready for a picnic in a pastel blue dress with pretty flowers! This oatmeal bunny has long flopsy ears, squish-squash paws and a sweet expression. A lovely present for spring or summer, full of joy and bounce!  

  • Jellycat Flossie Pony
    Jellycat Flossie Pony
    Flossie Pony loves rolling around, and is full of chestnut chuckles! Auburn-awesome in burnt-orange fur, with a buttercream nose and soft, mussed mane, this suedey-hoofed scamp is yummy-tubby and full of foalish fun! Giddy-up for giggles!

  • Jellycat Flowerlette Sunflower
    Jellycat Flowerlette Sunflower
    Flowerlette Sunflower is your ever-ready desk buddy, at home or at the office! Sat on a weighted bottom, with a velour fur stem, waggly leaves and a friendly grin, this mocha-faced plant-pal is always up for having their petals ruffled.  Measures 8"x 3"  

  • Jellycat Flowerlette Wild Rose
    Jellycat Flowerlette Wild Rose
    Is Flowerlette Wild Rose about to burst into song? That gentle, buttery face seems poised on the edge of a joyful tune – and with a berry-bright crown of rumpled petals stood proud above the weighted base, this blossom is dressed up to boogie!   Measures 8"x 3"  

  • Jellycat Fluffkin Doll
    Jellycat Fluffkin Doll
    Fluffkin Doll sleeps snugly inside a vanilla bud, nestled in leaves. When it's time to play, this pip pops out and rides the breeze above the trees. With a green stalk hat trimmed with catkin fluff, a silky ruff and stripey socks, this elf is simply enchanting.  

  • Jellycat Flumpie Pig
    Jellycat Flumpie Pig
    Flumpie Pig likes to stay up late watching action movies! A podgy little piggy in wobbly blancmange pink, with a cute curly tail and suedey snout – whom you might find hiding behind the sofa! Just dig them out, cuddle up ... and pass the popcorn, please!