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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Cordy Roy Whale
    Jellycat Cordy Roy Whale
    Cordy Roy Whale is a bubble of delight in chunky two-tone cordy fur! Serene in sea-blue with a creamy tummy, curvy tail fin and mini flippers, this wonderful whale can't wait to join your pod!

  • JellyCat Cosmopop Rocket
    JellyCat Cosmopop Rocket
    The  JellyCat Cosmopop Rocket is getting ready to launch, and is making all the final checks! Squidgy metallic boosters, bright red fur, shimmery bands and a big excited grin - all good to go! Start the countdown for adventures!

  • Jellycat Cozi Odell Octopus
    Jellycat Cozi Odell Octopus
    It gets a bit chilly in the ocean sometimes. That's why Cozi Odell Octopus wears a peachy knit beanie on that squishy-soft head! This tiny tickly trendsetter has a cheery grin for every selfie, and eight curly arms with cream cordy segments!

  • Jellycat Cozi Odyssey Octopus
    Jellycat Cozi Odyssey Octopus
    There's nothing like a minty knit hat for keeping your mantle mighty toasty! Cozi Odyssey Octopus never leaves the seabed without one! Springy and zingy, with oodles of arms in gentle green fur and creamy cord, this miniature matey is squiggly-snuggly!   Measures: 9" x 3"

  • Jellycat Cozy Crew Crab
    Jellycat Cozy Crew Crab
    Avast! Cozy Crew Crab has hoisted the mainshell and is ready to set sail! Goofy and gorgeous with big bobble eyes, tangerine fur and a knitted navy jumper, this scrambly seafarer's always busy! With soft chunky claws and a cheery smile, this pal is never crabby!   Measures 5" x 7"  

  • Jellycat Cozy Crew Lobster
    Jellycat Cozy Crew Lobster
    Cozy Crew Lobster is mellow in yellow, wearing a mustard rollneck jumper. Peachy-pink with squidgy segments, a soft split tail and boggly eyes, this loveable lobster is a great navigator! A kooky companion who knows all the best shanties!   Measures 8" x 5"  

  • Jellycat Cozy Crew Octopus
    Jellycat Cozy Crew Octopus
    Avast! Cozy Crew Crab has hoisted the mainshell and is ready to set sail! Goofy and gorgeous with big bobble eyes, tangerine fur and a knitted navy jumper, this scrambly seafarer's always busy! With soft chunky claws and a cheery smile, this pal is never crabby!   Measures 5" x 7"  

  • Jellycat Cozy Crew Seal
    Jellycat Cozy Crew Seal
    Cozy Crew Seal is a curious splashabout, and can't help hopping aboard! A lollopy lovely in mocha fur, with squashy fins and a cheeky grin, this pup wears a cosy apricot jumper on every ocean adventure. Sitting up straight on a soft beany bottom, Cozy Crew Seal is all set to sail!             Measures 6" x 3"  

  • Jellycat Cozy Crew Whale
    Jellycat Cozy Crew Whale
    Cozy Crew Whale digs diving deep into the Arctic waters. But it gets awfully chilly down there! Luckily, this affable lavender lunkhead has a rust-red woolly turtleneck to warm them up. Plenty of room for a soft, squishy tailfin and a couple of wiggly flippers poking out! A stylish old salt, to be sure.   Measures 7" x 2"  

  • Jellycat Crimson Santa Medium
    Jellycat Crimson Santa Medium
    The  Jellycat Crimson Santa Medium is a must have for your Christmas Jellycat Collection

  • Jellycat Crispin Crab
    Jellycat Crispin Crab
    Crispin Crab is the king of the beach, and loves to parade about - sideways, of course! This rusty rascal has big squidgy claws, bendy legs and a warm seaside smile. He also has a magnificent shell in terracotta cordy fur, and springy, stretchy antennae for sensing where the party's at!  Measures 6" x 8"

  • Jellycat Curvie Pig Plush
    Jellycat Curvie Pig Plush
    Ruffly, riotous Curvie Pig is resting after a full morning's truffling! Scruffly-soft in powder-pink fur, with neat suedey hooves and a sweet snuffle-snout, this curly-tailed cutie can help with homework!
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  • Jellycat Curvie Sheep Dog
    Jellycat Curvie Sheep Dog
    Curvie Sheep Dog awaits your command! More chunky than a collie but just as keen, this scruffly pup with warm-grey patch ears will round up anything you like! No sheep? Cats will do, or even chairs! A loveable tumbler with a big liquorice nose!   Measures: 9 x 6    

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Cushy Fox
    Jellycat Cushy Fox
    Bounding and bouncing in citrus brights, Cushy Fox is full of zip and zest! This capering cub is awesome in orange, with a creamy tail-tip, muzzle and ears. Chubby and charming with a black bobble nose, Cushy Fox is adorably curious!
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  • Jellycat Cushy Pony
    Jellycat Cushy Pony
    Cushy Pony jumps for joy in cheery cherry pink! Vivacious and vibrant, this candy cutie is a riot of cuddly colour! Galloping by on soft, squishy hooves and swishing that suedey tassel mane and tail, our perky-eared pony is fruity-fantastic!

  • Jellycat Dakota Giraffe Small
    Jellycat Dakota Giraffe Small
    Jellycat Dakota Giraffe Small

  • Jellycat Dancing Darcey Elephant Plush
    Jellycat Dancing Darcey Elephant Plush
    Dancing Darcey Elephant believes everyone can dance! This soft little star has a gorgeous peach tutu and satin shoes tied perfectly. Short cocoa fur and long, long legs make a very cute dancer indeed, and we love those soft ears and squishable trunk. So whether you're a mini-Pavlova or a budding Billy Elliot, we're sure you can show this elly some moves!  Measures approximately...
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  • Jellycat Dashing Dog Little
    Jellycat Dashing Dog Little
    Flopsy, friendly Dashing Dog is as soft and creamy as an ice-cream sundae! Mottled in grey, with cute foldy ears, this loyal layabout will be your best friend. Don't forget to tickle those squish-squashy paws!

  • Jellycat Davey Dilophosaurus
    Jellycat Davey Dilophosaurus
    Goofy-gorgeous in zingy citrus green, it's Davey Dilophosaurus! This sassy scrambler has a very fine frill with stitchy ring detail and fluffy edging. A bright-eyed bestie with a huge dorky smile, long fuzzy tail and diddy paws, Davey's downright reptastic! Anyone got any fizzy bugs?   Measures: 11" x 5"

  • Jellycat Delano Dorado Fish
    Jellycat Delano Dorado Fish
    Loud, proud and utterly adorable, it's Delano Dorado Fish! Rocking an aqua dorsal fin, stitchy flippers and a punky crescent tail, this fabulous fish has a zesty lime tummy and suedey bubble lips. Tufty-textured with big bobble eyes, Delano's a kooky cutie.                       Measures 5" x 10" ...

  • Jellycat Dexter Dragon Little Plush
    Jellycat Dexter Dragon Little Plush
    Most dragons are fiery, but the  Jellycat Dexter Dragon Little Plush is flopsy! No scales for this scamp - just snugglesoft fur in chalky blue and warm maroon red. Gorgeously detailed with soft horns, stitched wings, a pointy tail tip and knobbly spines, this dreamy dragon gives monster hugs!

  • Jellycat Dickensian Bear
    Jellycat Dickensian Bear
    Dickensian Bear is full of vintage charm. Warm and cosy in a green cordy overcoat, with a dapper peaked cap and red knotty neckerchief, this golden bear is a ted about town! With bright black eyes, a chocolate nose and biscuit paws, this one's a classic cub.        
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  • JellyCat Didi Hedgehog
    JellyCat Didi Hedgehog
    Didi Hedgehog is a roly-poly scamp, with a soft ruched caramel tummy, bobble nose and silky ombre fur. This happy hoglet loves ambling round the garden, snuffling for bugs and snoozing in the leaves!

  • Jellycat Ditzi Penguin Small
    Jellycat Ditzi Penguin Small
    Ditzi Penguin is such a happy hatchling. This chipper chick has cloudy-soft fur in pebble-grey and creamy ruffles. With flappy flippers, scruffly head, a suedey beak and bobbly claws, this Antarctic baby is toasty-warm and ready to waddle wherever you go!   Measures 6" x 3"