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Cottage Door Press First Words / Primeras Palabras

MODEL:  1007410

UPC:  9781646383375

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  • Cottage Door Press First Words / Primeras Palabras

Hello! ¡Hola! Introduce your baby or toddler to over 150 new vocabulary words in this bilingual children's book in English and Spanish. Welcome to this bilingual family's home and explore objects throughout the house, playground, neighborhood, and school. Point to the couch and read the English word aloud with your kids for practice. Then, read the Spanish translation below the English word to practice a second language. From various rooms in the house to the park, there are over 150 common and unique words to learn.  Lift-the-flaps on each page to discover more hidden words to practice. 

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  • Fun and educational, this is an excellent first-learning bilingual book for early learners, whether their primary language is English or Spanish
  • Sturdy, thick board pages and durable flaps designed to withstand traditional wear and tear for curious little toddlers learning early English and Spanish language development
  • All interactive lift-a-flap components include new vocabulary words for an enhanced learning experience
  • Lively illustrations keep preschoolers and toddlers engaged and entertained while expanding their bilingual vocabulary
  • Lifting flaps open & shut provides a tactile experience to strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for your little boy or girl

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