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Boon. ARC Modular Drying Rack

MODEL:  B11528

UPC:  669028115280

  • Manufactured by: Boon
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  • Boon. ARC Modular Drying Rack
  • Boon. ARC Modular Drying Rack
  • Boon. ARC Modular Drying Rack
LEAN INTO THE CURVE: Boon’s ARC Drying Rack lets you dry everything from baby bottles to wine glasses; and it looks great doing it! The gracefully curved drying mat is made of non-slip silicone to help keep everything steady. The cup is great for cutlery and smaller items like pacifiers or bottle nipples. It also features drain holes so nothing’s left standing in water. The seven prongs are great for baby bottles, sippy cups, wine glasses and more. And the modular design allows you to set it up the way that works best for your own kitchen.
  • Sleek Dish Drying Rack: Includes a non-slip silicone mat, accessory cup and wire rack; all ready to help you get things dry and look great while doing it
  • 7 Prong Rack: Wire rack provides plenty of space for keeping baby bottles, sippy cups, and even wine glasses steady as they dry
  • Quick Drain Cup: Great for cutlery, straws and pacifiers; the cup’s drainage holes get rid of excess water
  • Modular & Dishwasher Safe: Easy to set up in the way that works best for your kitchen, these items can be used together or separately and everything is dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: The drying mat is 11 inches x 14 inches to give you plenty of room to dry

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