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Kushies Crib Mattresses & Pads

Perhaps the most important purchase for your new baby is your crib mattress.  We carry only the top rated baby crib mattresses and changing pads from trusted brands like Moonlight Slumber, Colgate, Nook and more.  Browse our comprehensive selection of crib mattresses, changing table pads and more!

  • Kushies Easy Bear Pillow
    Kushies Easy Bear Pillow
    The Easy Bear Pillow helps reduce flat head with this perfectly shaped infant cushion designed to cradle your baby's head! Made of viscose from bamboo, this environmentally friendly option is suitable for babies up to 4 months Shape with indentation promotes head and neck support for your little one Use this bear shaped pillow in the stroller or swing or when baby is in the car seat (out of...

  • Kushies Easy Rise Sleep Positioner
    Kushies Easy Rise Sleep Positioner
    This eco-friendly sleep positioner elevates your child's head while sleeping! Research indicates that elevating the head may reduce acid reflux and may also alleviate congestion due to colds. Made of quality viscose from bamboo and soy based foam Use as a pillow when your child is congested This wedge can also be used by adults to elevate the head, legs or knees so you can use it over and...