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Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Amuseable Hyacinth
    Jellycat Amuseable Hyacinth
    Amuseable Hyacinth is reaching high for the sky! From a cuddly linen pot, up shoots a great big clutch of scrunchy pink flowers. Cordy boots, softly folded leaves and a proud smile complete the look to make Hyacinth a dashing little perennial!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Juice Detox
    Jellycat Amuseable Juice Detox
    Make a clean and cuddly start with the Jellycat Amuseable Juice Detox ! This fresh and funky fruity-green bottle has a suedey cap and matching booties. Wearing a stylish creamy label with a stitchy slice of lime, this citrussy silly is a fine fitness mascot!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Juice Energise
    Jellycat Amuseable Juice Energise
    Amuseable Juice Energise is an excellent workout buddy! A gorgeous turmeric-golden bottle with a stitchy label and suedey hat and boots, this groovy smoothie makes a zingy cheerleader! A gorgeous gift for gym-bunny pals, and an excellent personal trainer!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Juice Revive
    Jellycat Amuseable Juice Revive
    When it's been a long day, curl up and cuddle with the Jellycat Amuseable Juice Revive . With a cute cream label embroidered with cherries and a deep purple suedey cap and booties, this blush-pink bottle is adorably soft. Perfect for post-jogging snuggles.

  • Jellycat Amuseable Large Hot Pink Heart
    Jellycat Amuseable Large Hot Pink Heart
    Who wouldn't want to give Amuseable Hot Pink Heart a big squeeze? This fluffy, sentimental softy was just made for hugging, with cordy feet like plump little coals – a super gift for anyone in need of a ploofsome pal!   Measures 7" x 7"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Large Red Heart
    Jellycat Amuseable Large Red Heart
    Amuseable Red Heart has a bit of a crush on someone! Just check out that secretive smile and cherry-red blush. Perhaps if you give one of those dark chocolate boots a squeeze and hold this gorgeous chum up to your ear, you'll find out who it is!   Measures 7" x 7"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Mince Pie
    Jellycat Amuseable Mince Pie
    Filled to the brim with fuzzy frolics, it's Amuseable Mince Pie! This perky pastry pal has a fine frill hat, fluffy two-tone mincemeat filling and a star with stitchy sugar speckles! Kick up those cordy feet and dance!   Measures 3" x 5"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Mistletoe
    Jellycat Amuseable Mistletoe
    Sometime we're not as wee as we think! I Might Be Little looks a bit closer at the tiny pals we might have missed. Lift the flap on every page to discover who's hiding in the garden! A gorgeously giftable hardback book, just perfect for curious readers!

    Max: 4
  • Jellycat Amuseable Olives
    Jellycat Amuseable Olives
    The Amuseable Olives are bobbly buddies who come from the same sunny branch! These mellow green friends have cute beigey feet and a parasol of suedey green leaves. A sunny, funny pair of pals, who love nothing more than a shared siesta.

  • Jellycat Amuseable Orchid
    Jellycat Amuseable Orchid
    Amuseable Orchid is always in bloom, showing off ruffly plum velour flowers. Each fuzzy blossom has an orange ribbon flourish, perched on a fresh green needlecord stem. With cordy leaves and cocoa boots, fluffy fudge soil and a grey linen pot, this orchid has hothouse chic!  

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pea In A Pod
    Jellycat Amuseable Pea In A Pod
    The Amuseable Peas in a Pod are having a sleepover! Meet our trio of snuggled-up, suedey green peas in a soft-but-bumpy towelly pod. Two have turned in for the night, but one's still wide awake in teeny-tiny booties – and all are quite giddy for their next adventure!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Peach
    Jellycat Amuseable Peach
    Amuseable Peach is gorgeously squishy, with yummy, cosy, glowy fur. This loveable fruit has a funky toffee stalk and a green suedey leaf. An upbeat fruit with cocoa cord feet and a tubby tum it's hard not to hug, this smiley peach is a basket of goodness.

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pine Cone
    Jellycat Amuseable Pine Cone
    Tumbling and rolling down fom the tree, Amuseable Pine Cone is happy to see you! Kooky and cute with soft suedey layers, this praline poppet is a woodland wonder. Our pine cone pal loves to pootle along in scrumptious cordy brown boots!  

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple
    Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple
    For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Amuseable Pineapple! Muss up that scruffly fur and punky hairdo of minty fluff! Delightfully silly, this roly-poly cutie is just the gift for a quirky birthday. Get set for tons of tropical giggles!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Poinsetta
    Jellycat Amuseable Poinsetta
    Amuseable Poinsettia is full of festive floral fun! This perky plant has ruby-red petals and stitchy golden pockets of pollen! In a soft woolly pot with cordy legs and leaves, and fluffy cocoa soil, this blossom brings joy to any dull desk!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Popcorn
    Jellycat Amuseable Popcorn
    Amuseable Popcorn brings a jumbo serving of joy! A squat, snuggly carton in red and white stripes, brimming with clouds of two-tone popcorn, this movie buff has booked the very best seats! With milk chocolate cordy feet, a happy smile and a weighted bottom, this cutie won't spill the spoilers!     Measures 7" x 5"  

  • Jellycat Amuseable Popper
    Jellycat Amuseable Popper
    Amuseable Popper

  • Jellycat Amuseable Potted Bamboo
    Jellycat Amuseable Potted Bamboo
    Amuseable Potted Bamboo is a stand-out star, with a groovy hairdo of five sturdy stalks! With green linen stems, red-brown stitch details and soft suedey leaves, this perky plant sits in a snug suedey pot. With fluffy soil, rusty cordy feet and a cheery smile, it's all aboot bamboo!   Measures 12" x 5"  

  • Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel
    Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel
    Freckly, friendly and fresh from the bakery, the  Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel  is knotty but nice! This squishy silly is golden brown, with cocoa cord boots and stitchy salt speckles! Huggy and hearty - a brilliant breakfast buddy!

  • JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow
    JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow
    The  JellyCat Amuseable Rainbow is the perfect gift for that next baby shower!

  • Jellycat Amuseable Red Heart
    Jellycat Amuseable Red Heart
    Amuseable Red Heart has a bit of a crush on someone! Just check out that secretive smile and cherry-red blush. Perhaps if you give one of those dark chocolate boots a squeeze and hold this gorgeous chum up to your ear, you'll find out who it is!   Measures 4" x 4"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Sandwich
    Jellycat Amuseable Sandwich
    Amuseable Sandwich is a thick and springy ploughman's mate! Fuzzy, soft bread? Check! Towelly crust and bobbly boots? Check! Two-tone tomato slices, bright splash of cheese and ruffled lettuce? Check! All prepped for a picnic or a hike, over hill or dale!   Measures 5" x 9"            

  • Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake
    Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake
    When you're full of food and feeling snoozy, snuggle Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake! Chunky-cheery, this fluffy brown cake has suedey layers of marzipan and icing. With a dapper green and red holly quiff, bobbly boots and a friendly grin, this squashy slice is full of sweetness.   Measures 4" x 5"

  • Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Lime
    Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Lime
    Funky and fresh, Amuseable Slice of Lime is the zestiest of companions! A fun-loving fruit with gently textured softness on the outside and silky softness on the inside, a big smile and cute fine-cord legs. Measures: 7" x 10"