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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Syd Salamander
    Jellycat Syd Salamander
    Splodgy and splendid, Syd Salamander is bold, bright and ready to wriggle! With tussled fur in pumpkin orange, mottled with inky blots, Syd's just chilling in the afternoon sun! With a long, chonky tail, knobbly toes, bobbly eyes and an affable grin, this reptile's rocking the jungle!               Measures 10"H x...

  • Jellycat Tawny Reindeer Large
    Jellycat Tawny Reindeer Large
    Tawny Reindeer Large    

  • Jellycat Teddy Snowman
    Jellycat Teddy Snowman
    Chilly but cheery, Teddy Snowman is looking delightfully dapper. This fluffy cream snowman is looking pretty cool, with cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitch buttons and a playful smile, Teddy is ready to roll.          

  • Jellycat Teddy Snowman Large
    Jellycat Teddy Snowman Large
    Chilly but cheery, Teddy Snowman is looking delightfully dapper. This fluffy cream snowman is looking pretty cool, with cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitch buttons and a playful smile, Teddy is ready to roll.          

  • Jellycat The Playful Polar Bears Book
    Jellycat The Playful Polar Bears Book
    The Playful Polar Bears are three good friends full of roly-poly fun. But their antics are too rowdy for some – how do they find the right place to play? This rhyming story is brought to life with magical pictures for little readers, wrapped in a hardback cover.

  • Jellycat Tilly Golden Retriever
    Jellycat Tilly Golden Retriever
    Tilly Golden Retriever is a soft biscuit pup with firm beanie paws and sits well on golden haunches. Floppy-eared with big brown eyes and a liquorice suedette nose, this retriever is coming home! Measures 11" x 6"

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Tommy Turtle
    Jellycat Tommy Turtle
    Tommy Turtle is a kooky companion with splendid seaweed-green fur. This tumbly turtle has a soft, textured shell with a mottled pattern and velvety frill, a chunky-soft beak, cordy tum and great big curious eyes! Flap those flippers and head to the beach!

  • Jellycat Truffles Sheep
    Jellycat Truffles Sheep
    Truffles Sheep is a big dollop of double cream. With a soft, fuzzy tum, embroidered mocha nose and hooves, and gently folded ears, this sweet sheep can sit up or lie flat to become a naptime companion. Stop, flop and join the flock! Measures 9 x 25"

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Tully Turtle
    Jellycat Tully Turtle
    Super-sweet in salad greens, Tully Turtle is a happy little hatchling! With zingy, flappy, squishable flippers and a bobbly mossy shell, this newborn is turtly adorable. Lollop down the beach with tenacious Tully and peek in all the rockpools!   Measures 4" x 10"    

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Bunny
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Bunny
    Tumbletuft Bunny is quite the romper and rover – always off exploring, with tousled coffee fur that's been through a few hedges. Nothing tires out this bouncy, snuggly youngster – just look at those perky ears and keen bright eyes!   Measures 8" x 4"  

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Duck
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Duck
    Tumbletuft Duck is rather shy, and doesn't like rough games. But whatever antics are afoot, this mellow chick with soft, scrambled-egg fur and yolk-golden feet is usually watching from the sidelines. A hug or two is always welcome!   Measures 8" x 4"  

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse
    The  Jellycat Tumbletuft Mouse is wonderfully tufty, in dove-grey scrumbly fur. This perky-tailed pip has pink petal ears, chonky-soft feet and a tousled tail. Roundy and rumpled with such a sweet face - it's magic to cuddle this marvellous mouse.  Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig
    A snouty-soft sweetie in blossom pink, Jellycat Tumbletuft Pig puts a smile on our faces! This little piggy is parked and podgy, with impossibly snuggly rumpled ears. A quizzical cutie with squish-squash trotters, this babe's as sweet as candy floss. Size 8" x 4"

  • Jellycat Tumbletuft Squirrel
    Jellycat Tumbletuft Squirrel
    Joyfully ginger, Tumbletuft Squirrel is a scruffly bundle of cinnamon mischief! This tearaway is beautifully tubby, with eager ears, cheeky face, ice-cream tummy and curlywurly tail! A scamp with a love of leafy treetops and a nose for hidden hazelnuts!

  • Jellycat Tumblie Elephant
    Jellycat Tumblie Elephant
    Whoops-a-daisy! There goes Tumblie Elephant! Tail in the air and flopsy ears flumped, this chunky-trunk chum has taken a tumble! Don't worry, though - that gorgeously scrumbled bluey-green fur means this elly always has a supersoft landing! Dimensions: 5"H x 14"H

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot
    Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot is plump and punky in rich royal purple. A bubbly bopper with a three-leaf updo, this colourful cutie brings joy to any countertop. A plant-based pal with an affable smile, this little root's right-on.

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf
    Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf is a veggie dandy with superfood style! Stretchy and soft with a ruched leaf ruffle, squidgy stalk and chipper smile, this elegant leaf is a chef's best friend. Just the pressie for your favourite foodie, and a marvellous kitchen mascot!       Measures 8" x 3"

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
    Every day is Halloween with Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin! Roly-poly and splendidly stretchy, with soft orange fur and stitchy ruched segments, this perky pumpkin has a kooky curly stem. Patch-perfect!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Broccoli
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Broccoli
    Greens are good for you - this one brightens our day with a smile! Vivacious Vegetable Broccoli is a funky floret of bobbly fun! With stretchy-soft fur in lime and moss green, this squashy broccoli is soothing and snuggly.

    Max: 2
  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Carrot
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Carrot
    Cordy, colourful, cute and kooky, that's Vivacious Vegetable Carrot! Gorgeously textured and squeezably soft, this bright orange buddy has a punky green leaf-do! A veggie with plenty of energy, this smiley carrot knows the best produce parties! Dig that funky sound!

  • Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Sweetcorn
    Jellycat Vivacious Vegtable Sweetcorn
    Vivacious Vegetable Sweetcorn is all dressed up in fresh field fashion! Sunshine-yellow, with bobble-soft kernels, this cuddly cob wears a stretchy green husk jacket. Just the thing for the summer season!

  • Jellycat Vividie Chameleon
    Jellycat Vividie Chameleon
    Vividie Chameleon has boggly-brilliant eyes! Outrageously orange and goofy-gorgeous, this rascally reptile is hunting for bugs! With soft bobble spines, a curlaround tail, a scampy smile and haunchy legs, this is one charismatic chameleon!

  • Jellycat Wally Whale Tiny
    Jellycat Wally Whale Tiny
    Wally Whale Tiny

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Wanderlust Elly
    Jellycat Wanderlust Elly
    Wanderlust Elly is one chilled softie in delicate mocha-grey fur. This floppy elephant has big, ruched ears, a curious trunk and weighted paws. Tubby and sweet, with a silky tail, this gentle calf is a traveller’s friend! Measures 7" x 14"

    Max: 1