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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Silly Succulent Prickly Pear
    Jellycat Silly Succulent Prickly Pear
    Silly Succulent Prickly Pear Cactus is smiley, not spiky, with tweedy deep-green fur. Wearing a dapper suedey flower and perched in a felt pot of fluffy soil, this affable dafty has a cheeky grin and bobbly cordy booties.

  • Jellycat Simon Scorpion
    Jellycat Simon Scorpion
    Simon Scorpion might have a sting, but he only uses it to carry his hat! This affable pal has mottles and bobbles in so many shades of rust-red and brown. With six foldy legs, two snuggly snippers, a curly tail and the biggest goofy eyes, this scuttling sweetie always wears a smile!   Measures: 4" x 11"

  • Jellycat Smart Stationery Ruler
    Jellycat Smart Stationery Ruler
    Smart Stationery Ruler makes geometry jolly in scrummily textured gentle jersey! This beigey boffin has waggly cord feet and splendid stitch details from end to end! Whatever the problem, this smarty's always smiling!

  • Jellycat Smudge Elephant Rattle
    Jellycat Smudge Elephant Rattle
    Jellycat Smudge Elephant Rattle

  • Jellycat Smudge Puppy Plush
    Jellycat Smudge Puppy Plush
    Snoozy, yawny Jellycat Smudge Puppy Plush loves to flump on the floor and nod right off. A supercute pup in warm grey and cream, Smudge has delightful flopsy ears, a waggy tail and soft, snowy paws. Divinely snuggly and full of love, this pup is the perfect ruffday present!

  • Jellycat Smudge Puppy Soother
    Jellycat Smudge Puppy Soother
    Jellycat Smudge Puppy Soother

  • Jellycat Snoozling Hedgehog
    Jellycat Snoozling Hedgehog
    Snoozling Hedgehog is just about to nod off for a nap. This custard cutie has a yummy round tum, heart-shaped face and soft fudge prickles. With big dreamy eyes, a caramel nose and so-soft squishable paws, they're the perfect naptime companion. Measures 11"H x 6"W

  • Jellycat Snoozling Owl
    Jellycat Snoozling Owl
    Snoozling Owl likes to sleep in the day, and also at night, if we're honest. Our warm grey owl has soft waggle wings, a biscuity belly and soft suedey claws, with tiny tufts, a bobble beak and bright sleepy eyes, about to close. Help this chick stay awake with plenty of tickles!   Measures: 11" x 6"

  • Jellycat Snow Dragon
    Jellycat Snow Dragon
    Introduing the Jellycat Snow Dragon. From the distant mystical realm of constant winter, snow and ice, it's Snow the legendary fire-ice breathing Dragon that's ideal for your Jellycat Collection

  • Jellycat Snow Dragon Little
    Jellycat Snow Dragon Little
    Lounging around like a creamy cloud, it's loveably lazy Snow Dragon! This marshmallow marvel shimmers with magic, from sparkling spines to ears, wings and tail dart! This sumptuous softy loves flapping up a blizzard! Measures 3"H x 10"W

  • Jellycat Snuggler Bunny
    Jellycat Snuggler Bunny
    Nuzzly-neat and simply sweet, Snuggler Bunny is a poppet in PJs! Our beigey bunny wears a cordy onesie and has made a carroty sleeping bag! This perky-eared bun hops in then out, giving goodnight hugs before those dandelion dreams!  

  • Jellycat Snuggler Cat
    Jellycat Snuggler Cat
    Snuggler Kitty loves camping with friends, and sleeping out under the stars! This vanilla kitty wears a bonny pink onesie in perky polkadot needlecord, to match that rosy sleeping bag! A gentle friend with comforting cuddles for a very first trip away.    

  • Jellycat Snuggler Fox
    Jellycat Snuggler Fox
    It's the big sleepover, and Snuggler Fox is ready for a bedtime story! This silly scamp is friendly and funny, with cinnamon fur and a cordy navy romper, not to mention a dreamy sleeping bag! With a milk-white snoot and podgy tum, Snuggler Fox is a-snore-able! Measures 9" x 5"    

  • Jellycat Snugglet Boyd Dino
    Jellycat Snugglet Boyd Dino
    The  Jellycat Snugglet Boyd Dino is so very gentle, with snuggly spines and soft mossy fur. Perfectly podgy, bright-eyed and baffled, with chunky paws and a snuffly snout, friendly Boyd soothes grumbles and roars! A gorgeous gift to make stompy tots smile. Measures 13" x 4"

  • Jellycat Snugglet Elephant Soother
    Jellycat Snugglet Elephant Soother
    Snugglet Elephant Soother has wrapped up a blankie in a beautiful silver-grey ribbon. It's a present for a snoozy baby in need of a nuzzly nap. This gentle blue elly has teeny suedey paws, sweet leafy ears and curly trunk - the perfect pal for comforting cuddles or carrying on long journeys.  

  • Jellycat Snugglet Giraffe Soother
    Jellycat Snugglet Giraffe Soother
    Snugglet Giraffe Soother    

  • Jellycat Snugglet Koala Soother
    Jellycat Snugglet Koala Soother
    G'day from the buggy! Snugglet Koala Soother is a travel treat for toddlers on the go! Rolled and wrapped in a satiny ribbon, this velvety blanket has a soft little scrambly guardian! Our tiny koala has neat suedey paws, fluffy cream ears a black bobble nose - perfect for boops and bedtime hugs!    

  • Jellycat Spindleshanks Crab
    Jellycat Spindleshanks Crab
    Ahh, it's so nice to flop on the beach. Spindleshanks Crab has popped out of the rockpool to doze and laze on the soft, warm sand. This rust-red rascal has a nuzzly shell and lots of fuzzy two-tone legs. Spindleshanks may have two chunky claws, but they're only for holding ice-creams!   Measures: 3" x 15"

  • Jellycat Squiggle Frog
    Jellycat Squiggle Frog
    Jellycat Squiggle Frog

  • Jellycat Squiggle Kitty Plush
    Jellycat Squiggle Kitty Plush
    Ruffly, scruffly bumbles and tumbles - all in a day’s work for the Jellycat Squiggle Kitty ! This silvery sweetie has textured fur for even snugglier strokes and tickles! Irresistibly soft, she always gets attention. How she got those kooky cowlicks- only she knows, but we bet she’s been chasing bees around the garden! Measures approximately 10"H

  • Jellycat Squiggles Piglet
    Jellycat Squiggles Piglet
    The  Jellycat Squiggles Piglet is a great gift for that next baby shower!

  • Jellycat Squiggles Puppy Plush
    Jellycat Squiggles Puppy Plush
    The  Jellycat Squiggles Puppy Plush is a great gift for your little one!

  • Jellycat Squishy Squash Green
    Jellycat Squishy Squash Green
    Squishy Squash Green is a very merry matey, full of goodness and giggles. Delightfully podgy in funky green fur, this squash has plenty of squidgeworthy segments, not to mention a dorky stitchy smile and a quirky suedey stalk!

  • Jellycat Starry-Eyed Polar Bear
    Jellycat Starry-Eyed Polar Bear
    The  Jellycat Starry-Eyed Polar Bear measures 7"H and is a great addition to your collection!