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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Eclair
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Eclair
    Pretty Patisserie Éclair brings out everyone's sweet tooth! This artisan ami is scrumptiously snuggly, with puffy-soft choux pastry fur, a frilled hat of rich chocolate icing and a squidgy filling of rumpled cream! Carry this cutie wherever you go for a little piece of Paris. Measures 3" x 5"

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Gateaux
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Gateaux
    Pretty Patisserie Gateaux is the fashionista of the cake world. With three gorgeous tiers of fuzzy sponge, cream icing ruffles and a bold cherry hat in scarlet and green, this chunky cutie brings kooky couture! Make the catwalk a cakewalk and strike a scrummy pose!     Measures 3" x 2"

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Mille Feuille
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Mille Feuille
    Why have one hat when you can wear four? Pretty Patisserie Mille Feuille is a stretchy softy with layers of pastry and vanilla custard! This cute little cake has a chunky base and fancy feathered icing on top – perfect for modelling in the bakery window!             Measures 2" x 4"

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Religieuse
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Religieuse
    Bonjour to this cheery choux bun! Pretty Patisserie Religieuse is a jolly jester and chunky chum. Beautifully baked in golden pastry, with a piped cream ruff and scrumbly melted-chocolate fur, this bonny bouffon brings chuckles and snuggles! Enchanté!             Measures 3" x 4"

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Tarte Au Citron
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Tarte Au Citron
    Pretty Patisserie Tarte Au Citron is the perfect present for the Star Baker in your life. Zingy, stretchy and perfectly baked, this perky pie brings the sunshine! With a vibrant velvety lemon filling and squishy fruit hat with stitchy segments, our tarte is a citrus silly!     Measures 2" x 4"

  • Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises
    Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises
    Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises has snatched the crown in style! This shortcrust scamp has a snug pastry shell and a coronet of splendid strawberries! With stretchy fur, a silly smile and a cuddly crème pâtissière top, this pie is catwalk-parfait!    Measures 3" x 4"

  • Jellycat Remi Reindeer Small
    Jellycat Remi Reindeer Small
    Scrumbly-soft in toffee fur, Remi Reindeer is taking a break! A squishably soft and gentle friend, Remi has suedey dark chocolate antlers and a tufty, silky crème brulee ruff. Waggling those scruffly ears, this dandy deer loves to skip through the trees.  

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger
    All dressed up for a blustery walk, the Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Badger is a countryside dandy. Wearing a very smart grey linen jacket and a snug check scarf in autumn greens, this badger is ready to spot scurrying bugs! A friendly scamp in grey and cream, with perk

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Frog
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Frog
    Riverside Ramblers Frog is a very excitable companion. Delightfully rich in mossy green, this flipper-foot frog simply can't wait for spring, and is smiling from cheek to cheek. This stylish swimmer wears a red linen coat and a snazzy check scarf in tawny,

  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Hedgehog
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Hedgehog
    Fancy a wander? Ask Riverside Rambler Hedgehog, who knows every green lane and peaceful path! With soft coffee spines, oatmeal fur, a dapper tweed jacket and cheery tartan scarf, this tubby trundler is an excellent guide!

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Rabbit
    Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Rabbit
    All bundled up and ready to explore, that's Riverside Rambler Rabbit! This latte bunny wears a blue denim coat with colourful trim and neat buttons, and stays snuggly with a patterned scarf. Hop outside in cosy style!

  • Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer Small
    Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer Small
    The  Jellycat Rolbie Reindeer Small is a roly-poly rascal, in shaggy-soft latte fur! With a snoozy expression, butterscotch face and cocoa snoot, hooves and antlers, this festive fuzzball is hard not to hug! Curl up and dream of sweet sleigh bells! Measures 6" H

  • JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small
    JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small
    The  JellyCat Rolbie Sheep Small is gorgeously round, with a fluffy cream fleece and gentle beigey face. Friendly and fluffy, this sheep may be tubby but can leap over any stile or gate! Kindly shepherds very welcome!

  • Jellycat Rolie Polie Anteater
    Jellycat Rolie Polie Anteater
    Rolie Polie Anteater is adorably dorky in fluffy brick fur. With a wiggly nose for snaffling snacks, waggly ears and a tickly tail, this anteater is simply scrumptious. An affable pal who loves to amble, nomming on bugs and giving big hugs.

  • Jellycat Rolie Polie Giraffe
    Jellycat Rolie Polie Giraffe
    The  Jellycat Roly Polie Giraffe is as squishy and sweet as a yummy banana! A treat for tots, our sunny giraffe has soft cocoa horns and chunkity paws. With daffodil ears, a neat little tail, bright black eyes and a scrumbly snoot, this curious calf is so fruity-cute.

  • Jellycat Rolie Polie Monkey
    Jellycat Rolie Polie Monkey
    Rolie Polie Monkey is tumbly-soft, with tousled fur like melted chocolate. With a long curly tail, cocoa nose and suedey nougat face and ears, this scrambly silly is a perfect podge. Irresistibly sweet, Rolie Polie Monkey is a perfect praline playmate.

  • Jellycat Rolie Polie Puppy
    Jellycat Rolie Polie Puppy
    How many times has Rolie Poly Puppy tumbled? Never mind – just a bit more tousled! This praline pal is full of mischief and loves to ride in buggies and pockets! With a waggy tail, floppy ears and chocolate button nose, this chunky-pawed pup is scruffly-splendid.  Measures 12" x 4  

  • Jellycat Rondle Elephant
    Jellycat Rondle Elephant
    Make way! Rondle Elephant's trundling through! This super-squat tot has cocoa-grey fur, flappity ears and a roly-poly tum. Tumbly-tufty with little legs, a curly tail and a tickly trunk, this chonky chum loves to sit and chill. Can I get a ta-raaaaah?     Measures 7" x 5"

  • Jellycat Rondle Pig
    Jellycat Rondle Pig
    Roundy-rumpled and peacefully ponderous, Rondle Pig is a barnyard beaut. Charmingly chubby in tussled pink fur, this sturdy sweetie loves to snuggle in the straw. With foldy ears, a soft suedey snout and teeny trotters for occasional ambles, our piglet's huggably podgy.   Measures 7" x 5"

  • Jellycat Rose Dragon Huge
    Jellycat Rose Dragon Huge
    Fabulous flapper Rose Dragon is just so sleepy after zooming through the sky! This lollabaout legend has milkshake-pink fur and sparkling rose-gold wings, ears and spines! With chunky paws, a curvy tail and a very fine squishable snoot, this mythical matey will land in your heart.    

    Max: 1
  • Jellycat Rose Dragon Little
    Jellycat Rose Dragon Little
    Fabulous flapper Rose Dragon is just so sleepy after zooming through the sky! This lollabaout legend has milkshake-pink fur and sparkling rose-gold wings, ears and spines! With chunky paws, a curvy tail and a very fine squishable snoot, this mythical matey will land in your heart.  Measures 3" x 10"    

  • Jellycat Rufus Bear
    Jellycat Rufus Bear
    Rufus Bear is a bit of a timeless gent. His silky-tufty fur, soft trumpet legs and classic nuzzly snout wouldn't look out of place in a black-and-white photo. But you can cuddle this bear in full technicolour gingerbread glory! A traditional ted for all ages.         Measures 11" x 4"

  • Jellycat Rufus Bear Large
    Jellycat Rufus Bear Large
    A timeless teddy bear with a distinguished nuzzly snout and bobble tail. Rufus Bear wouldn't look out of place in a black and white photo. Loved by the whole family, when his nose isn't burried in a classic book, this perfect gentleman loves to go on long adventures in the woods. Measures 16"H

  • Jellycat Rumpletum Dino
    Jellycat Rumpletum Dino
    Rumpletum Dino loves listening to stories, and sits so sweetly on big grassy haunches! This podgysaurus has scrumply wrinkles, splendid soft spines and a very chunky snoot, not to mention a funky matcha tail! A mighty nursery matey!