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Jellycat Plush

Browse our complete selection of popular Jellycat Plush Animals including the popular Jellycat Bashful Animals, Jellycat Cordy Roy and cute Fuddlewuddles! 

  • Jellycat Little Bear
    Jellycat Little Bear
    Little Bear is such a snoozy sweetpea. Fuzzly-soft in vintage toffee tussles, with wee bobble paws and a choolate-drop nose, this shy little snuggler wants to meet a loving friend. A classic pocket pal.

    Max: 6
  • JellyCat Little Chick
    JellyCat Little Chick
    The  JellyCat Little Chick is newly hatched and wants to play! Tiny and chirpy with primrose-yellow fur, this cheeky chick has wee waggly wings! With carroty beak, soft squashy claws and a tubby tum, this tot is a treat!

  • Jellycat Little Frog
    Jellycat Little Frog
    Here's Little Frog, lining up for the first gentle hop of the day! This mossy moppet is just so tufty and scrumbly-soft, with such a small, secret smile – like a tiny tussock of joy. Look at those teensy arms and legs too! Count to one, two, three, and let this frog jump into your hands!  

    Max: 3
  • Jellycat Little Kitten
    Jellycat Little Kitten
    Little Kitten may be diddy, but this squat sweetie is mighty! Lavender-blue and utterly loveable, this tufty scamp likes to hide in your pocket! With a long fuzzy tail and snowy snoot, Little Kitten is the cat's whiskers!

  • JellyCat Little Lamb
    JellyCat Little Lamb
    Friendly and gentle, the  JellyCat Little Lamb is small enough to snuggle in your bag. This shy little sheep has a tussled creamy fleece, peachy face and waggly ears. And don't forget that teeny tail and loveably cuddly tummy!

  • Jellycat Little Monkey
    Jellycat Little Monkey
    Did you ever see such a scruffly scamp? Little Monkey is a pocket-sized pal who loves to plot pranks and practical jokes! Gingery-jolly in ruffled fluff, with butterscotch cheeks and bobbly paws, this curly-tailed cuddler is a constant companion. A fabulous friend for someone silly!   Measures: 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Little Mouse
    Jellycat Little Mouse
    Little Mouse is a wee vanilla truffle, with tumbly fur and fuzzy roundy ears. This perky pipsqueak has a long loping tail, nuzzly nose and the dinkiest paws. A super-sweet stowaway to hide in your bag and a loyal chum on scrambly quests. Hope you brought some cheese!   Measures: 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Little Penguin
    Jellycat Little Penguin
    The  Jellycat Little Penguin Plush is so excited, waggling those diddy wings! This charismatic pocket chick has a bright orange suedey beak and claws, as well as the fuzziest, fluffiest fur in soothing pebble and buttercream. A roly-poly bubbly bird, Little Penguin is just a little bit charming.

  • JellyCat Little Pig
    JellyCat Little Pig
    Perfectly pudgy in fuzzy pink fur, the  JellyCat Little Pig is a bundle of love. This foldy-eared friend has a soft suedey snoot and a matching springy curly tail. With a fine roundy tummy and squidgy trotters, this little pig smiles all the way home.

  • Jellycat Little Rambler Fox Soother
    Jellycat Little Rambler Fox Soother
    When you go for a picnic, always take a blanket! The Little Rambler Fox Soother is beautifully neutral in natural tones. Held by our affable marmalade fox in dapper green checks and beige knickerbockers, it's a comfort to cuddle and sleepily chew!

  • Jellycat Little Reindeer
    Jellycat Little Reindeer
    Practising for their flying license!  

  • Jellycat Little Rooster
    Jellycat Little Rooster
    Cock-a-doodle-doo? Little Rooster is practising hard but can't manage more than a squeak! This tumbly oatmealy chick is too teeny to wake up the farm just yet, no matter how hard those wee wings are waggled! A barnyard cutie with a suedey scarlet comb and itty-bitty golden feet.

  • Jellycat Little Snowman
    Jellycat Little Snowman
    Why not build a friendship together?  

  • Jellycat Little Tiger
    Jellycat Little Tiger
    Little Tiger may be wee, but this cub is fierce with a mighty roar! (Well, more tumbly and growly.) With adorable tussly chocolate-orange fur, a long loop tail and a cute cream snoot, this stripey scamp has teeny pip-paws and great big jungle dreams! Tickle that choc-drop nose - we dare you! Measures 7" x 4"

  • Jellycat Little Unicorn
    Jellycat Little Unicorn
    Legend has it that the  Jellycat Little Unicorn popped right out of a passing cloud! Tousled in sweet vanilla fur, with a silky strawberry mane and tail, this unicorn has a soft twisty horn shimmering with enchantments. The hooves may be fluffy but the magic is mighty!

  • Jellycat Livi Leopard Large
    Jellycat Livi Leopard Large
    Flopsy, snoozy Livi Leopard has been dashing around and needs to nap! Divinely soft in mottled fur with gorgeous copper highlights, this loveable leopard makes a great cuddle-buddy. Her long, fancy tail and sticky-out ears are splotchy, sweet and adorably scritchable.     Measures 5" x 18"            

  • Jellycat Lois Lionfish
    Jellycat Lois Lionfish
    If you thought the ocean was quiet, you haven't met Lois Lionfish. A riot of peach and coral fur, with wild flared fins and stunning stitch detail, Lois loves to make an entrance. Serving beauty with a fringe of soft spines, squidgy lips and bubble eyes.   Dimensions: 6" x 10"  

  • Jellycat Lottie Bunny Ballet Plush
    Jellycat Lottie Bunny Ballet Plush
    Lottie Bunny Ballet is having a rest after doing her very best barre routine! This dainty dancer has long leafy ears, a gentle smile and beige-apricot fur. She wears a peachy knit cardigan, tied with a ribbon, and a floaty mesh tutu, edged in satin. Encore, Lottie!

  • Jellycat Lottie Bunny Bedtime
    Jellycat Lottie Bunny Bedtime
    Lottie Bunny Bedtime is ready for a big old dreamy snooze! She's changed into her rumpled, gingham cotton jammies with smock button top. Now she just needs a bedtime story and soothing scruffles on her lopsy, oaty ears. Measures: 11" x 4"  

  • Jellycat Lottie Bunny Festive
    Jellycat Lottie Bunny Festive
    Lottie Bunny Festive has dressed her best in a beautiful scarlet velvet frock. This beigey bunny has lovely layered skirts, fluffy cream accents and a matching collar. She's even perched a bonny red bow on her lovely lopsy ear! Time to head to the Christmas hop!   Measures 11" x 4"

  • Jellycat Lottie Bunny Party
    Jellycat Lottie Bunny Party
    Birthdays, festivals or grand royal dances - Lottie Bunny Party loves to dress up! This oatmeal bunny wears a layered chiffon gown, as soft and scrumptious as raspberry torte! With a satin sash, flutter sleeves and lopsy ears, Lottie's the belle of the ball!      

  • Jellycat Lottie Bunny Sailing
    Jellycat Lottie Bunny Sailing
    Join Lottie Bunny Sailing for boating adventures on the high seas! With creamy ears rippling in the breeze, and bow fluttering on her crisp white and navy sailing dress, Captain Lottie is ready to crest the waves. Set course for cuddles!

  • Jellycat Lottie Tartan Bunny Plush
    Jellycat Lottie Tartan Bunny Plush
    Lottie Bunny Tartan is a sweet wee lass, dressed up in a fine red and green checked dress! Lopsy Lottie has soft oatmeal fur and ruffled white cuffs and collar, and loves to dance a highland jig! A gorgeous gift for Christmas or a happy pal for Hogmanay!

  • Jellycat Love-Me Lobster
    Jellycat Love-Me Lobster
    Love-Me Lobster is delightfully dorky and full of crustacean cuddles! This joyful chum has suedey heart claws and a matching tail in plum-purple fur. With squashy segments, waggly legs and perky antennae, there's a whole lot to love. Get you a lobster that greets you like this!   Approximately 6" H x 3"W