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Janod Brico's Kids Reversible Workbench

MODEL:  J06476

UPC:  3700217364762

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  • Janod Brico's Kids Reversible Workbench

A lovely workbench made of curved wood with 2-sided play surface! Front side: a full magnetic workbench with a clever magnetic tool system to assist children in properly storing their tools, and several accessories to invent objects to endlessly assemble and disassemble to their hearts’ content.  Featuring 3 magnetic tools, 29 accessories (wooden nuts, screws and nails,  plates, chalks…), a vice, a gear system, and a blackboard (on the side) on which to  write using the chalk. All accessories are stored on the front, in the location  intended for this purpose. Rear side: a 4-track racing slope with 2 cars that take turns to go down the  slope by spinning the rollers and ringing the bells! Giggles guaranteed!

  • Dimensions: 21.45 x 11.31 x 30.23 inches;
  • Counter height: 20.07 inches

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