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Hape Infant Toys

 Browse our full selection of popular Infant Toys from manufacturers like Melissa and Doug, Haba, Hape and More!  If you're looking for a teether, rattle, plush toy or any other infant toy we'll have the perfect one for you

  • Hape Geometric Rattle Trio
    Hape Geometric Rattle Trio
    Introducing the Hape Geometric Rattle Trio. The softly-coloured Geometric Rattle Trio are expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands, and will aid your child’s hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with. Made from rice-based materials. Age: 0+ Months

  • Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler Toy
    Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler Toy
    With the Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler Toy , children can experience sound and delight in the penguin’s soothing tinkling sounds and funny waddle. Ages: 6+ Months

  • Hape Rattling & Teether Set
    Hape Rattling & Teether Set
    The Hape Rattling & Teether Set are made from a safe, rice-based material, this collection of sensory toys helps babies take their first exploratory steps. Designed to be held by little fingers. Age: 0+ Months