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MilkBank Insulated Feeding Bottle 5oz Single Pack


UPC:  799891721803

  • Manufactured by: Dex
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  • MilkBank Insulated Feeding Bottle 5oz Single Pack

The MilkBank Insulated Feeding Bottle 5oz is clinically shown to be the healthiest for feeding newborns.  The MilkBank Insulated Feeding Bottles have an insulated design for best nutritional absorption.  The Insulated Feeding Bottles feature triple-vented system for smoother milk flow.  Additionally, the Milkbank Insulated Feeding bottles eliminate nipple collapse and are LEAK PROOF ... GUARANTEED!  Comes with MilkBank Stage 1 Nipple.  Compatible with MilkBank Vacuum Storage System.  Intended use, children 3+ months


MilkBank Insulated Feeding Bottles vs Traditional Bottles

MilkBank are the healthiest because studies shown that milk or formula kept warm throughout the entire feeding provides superior nutritional absoprtion.  MilkBank's unique design keeps milk warm by insulating its inner bottle with air, or with warm water for longer feedings.


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