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Clek Liingo

Introducing the Clek Liingo Infant Car Seat.  The Liingo is North America’s First Baseless Infant Car Seat and will be available around June 2020.  See below for a quick comparsion to the Clek Liing, it's sib-liing as well as some information on what makes it unique.

Similarties to the Clek Liing

  • Made in Canada
  • Compatible with all the same great stroller brands and have the same easy one-hand release.
  • Offers the European belt path method of installation and deliver similar industry-leading safety performance.
  • Weighs just 9 lb, when you remove the detachable LATCH bin.
  • Has the same two-piece shell and machine washable covers.
  • Has the same peak-a-boo window and 100+ SPF 3-stage canopy.
  • Comes in many of the same fabric options, including 100% merino wool that’s free of ANY added flame retardants.
  • Can be recycled through our car seat recycling program.
  • Has a 1+ 2-year warranty (when you register me online).
  • Has a 9-year life span.

What makes the Liingo different from the Clek Liiing

  • Has a removable bin that houses it's flexible LATCH connectors.
  • Promotional price will start at $199.99 in the US and $279.99 in Canada.

Clek Liingo Car Seat

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