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Clek Foonf / Fllo Infant Thingy Accessory - Mammoth


UPC:  826783012746

  • Manufactured by: Clek
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  • Clek Foonf / Fllo Infant Thingy Accessory - Mammoth

The infant-thingy is designed to be used with all current and former Clek Foonf and Fllo models, to accommodate a child from 5 lb + up.

  • Naturally Flame Resistant - Wool has an innately high ignition and melting point, which makes it a great naturally flame-retardant alternative to synthetic fabrics, without the need for any chemical treatments. breathable fabric icon
  • Oh So Breathable - Merino wool is known for its excellent moisture vapour absorption. This means that it offers improved airflow throughout the fabric, for a more comfortable and less sweaty kid! temperature regulating icon
  • Cool When Warm, Warm When Cool - Did you know that wool reacts to changes in body temperature? That means it will help keep your little one cool and comfy when it's hot out, and warm and cozy when it's not. odor resistant icon
  • Stain and Odor Resistant - Wool has unique properties that allow it to trap odour-causing bacteria and sweat molecules, only releasing them when washed. The presence of lanolin and keratin in its fibre help prevent stains from being absorbed. merino wool icon
  • Soft to the Touch - Hands up if you automatically think 'itchy sweater' when you hear "wool". Well, that's not the case with Merino wool.  Its fibres are much finer, giving it a texture that's luxuriously soft to the touch. hypo allergenic icon
  • Hypoallergenic - Merino wool is a natural material that has hypoallergenic properties, which means it's a great alternative for children with sensitive skin or allergies to other fabrics.

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